Thursday, December 6, 2012

Book Review: Girl of Nightmares

                                                   Today's review is on Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake

Girl of Nightmares is the second and final installment in Blake's Anna Dressed in Blood series, and though I loved the first book I was a bit let down with this one.  After waiting so long and being so excited, for it to end like this makes it just that much more worse.

The writing is still exceptional, and the premise is still good.  There's even a healthy amount of drama thrown in.  It maintained the level of gothic charm, but lacked some of the stronger elements I had come to depend on.  In other words, the love was a bit lacking.  Sure, Cas still loves Anna, and she loves him, but I wasn't feeling it as much as I did in the first book.

Cas' level of depression over the loss of Anna takes up a large portion of the book, and when the action finally gets started, it's over too quickly.  I kept turning page after page, wondering when the story would pick up pace, only to find myself 3/4 of the way through the book when it began.

Thankfully the series is over, because if there was another installment I wouldn't even pick it up.  I just hate when a first book holds so much promise for a series only to fall flat on it's a@@. 

3 of 5 stars
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Book Description: via Amazon

It's been months since the ghost of Anna Korlov opened a door to Hell in her basement and disappeared into it, but ghost-hunter Cas Lowood can't move on.

His friends remind him that Anna sacrificed herself so that Cas could live—not walk around half dead. He knows they're right, but in Cas's eyes, no living girl he meets can compare to the dead girl he fell in love with.

Now he's seeing Anna everywhere: sometimes when he's asleep and sometimes in waking nightmares. But something is very wrong...these aren't just daydreams. Anna seems tortured, torn apart in new and ever more gruesome ways every time she appears.

Cas doesn't know what happened to Anna when she disappeared into Hell, but he knows she doesn't deserve whatever is happening to her now. Anna saved Cas more than once, and it's time for him to return the favor.

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