Thursday, May 30, 2013

Book Review: Perpetual

                  Today's review is on Perpetual by Michaela Debelius

I was actually scheduled to read another two books before beginning this one, but as luck would have it I was instantly hooked and had gotten through 25% of it before I realized it was not the book I was suppose to be reading. It was then that I decided that I just had to keep going, I had to see what was going to happen next.

In the ever growing literally world where it seems that every other book you see is about vampires or werewolves, Perpetual offers something different. Though the main characters are immortal, they don't crave blood or change into an animal at the full moon. Instead they live relatively "normal" lives. And though not superheros, they each have a different trait. Some have extraordinary strength, some can control the elements. Some seem to fade into the scenery, and some are Pumpers.

Mercy Green has been dead a few centuries and has led a pretty solitary life since. Meeting others with her "condition" has taught her to not trust them. They are unpleasant and usually only need help disposing of a body of two. But other immortals are not the only beings she avoids. She also keeps humans at a distance.

Mercy never stays in one place very long and lives a very lonely and recluse life. But things are different in Birchwood Creek. This time there is Adam. A man that she is helplessly in love with but is unable to have. But that doesn't keep her from consoling him when he breaks up with his girlfriend, or from offering her help in getting back what his ex stole from him. His paintings.

Then Mercy meets Nick; another immortal, she finds out that she is a Pumper. Then, after meeting his friends she realizes that not all immortals are what she believed. Some are loving and caring. but that's not the only thing she learns. She also learns that her blood can kill an immortal.

Battling not only Adam's ex; who is out for more than just vengeance, Mercy and her friends are fighting against the notorious Jack the Ripper.

A very welcome change from your average take on immortal beings. I am looking very forward to the next installment.

4 of 5 stars
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“Some people say they don’t care. I actually mean it.”

Mercy Green didn’t become this way overnight. Centuries of monotonous life have left her jaded and detached. Humans weren’t meant to live forever. But then again, she isn’t human. Adam is though, and his purity baffles her. How can he remain unpolluted in a world tarnished by corruption? It doesn’t matter. Her time in Birchwood Creek is coming to an end and she must prepare to relocate. That is, until she inexplicably wakes up in a pool of her own blood. The answer seems simple enough: leave immediately. But when an attempt is made on Adam’s life, a failed murder she inadvertently caused, she feels obligated to stay and protect him.

But then she’s attacked again.

And Adam begins to ask questions.

Victim to an unseen stalker, Mercy’s forced to seek help from Nick, an immortal teenager whose sudden appearance suspiciously coincides with her plunge into chaos. With her structured life unraveling and revelation of her immortality looming, Mercy must accept the truth: she’s being hunted. But why?

…And she thought immortality was boring.

Book Review: Phantams

                   Today's review is on Phantasms by A. Kale

It is always very difficult to write a review on a book that needs some work. Phantasms is just one of them.

Though Kale does create a different and wonderful world for his characters, it doesn't leave the reader much time to get to know the major players. I felt as though they were just thrown at me without any rhyme or reason. I do however realize that perhaps the first book in the series provided that time, but I have not read the first book.

In any series, it is always good to go back a bit and tell the reader who the major players are again and what they want to achieve. What is their end goal.

As I was reading along, I found that the use of the subchapters was a bit confusing. I did however love the danger aspect in each of the what I will call short stories. The battle between good and evil, even though at times it was difficult to decipher who was on each side of that divide.

I haven't had the chance to read any of the other works by Kale so I don't know if the way this book is written is indicative of the writing style in all books that Kale has written. I just know that I didn't much care for it.

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The greatest prison in the universe, the one that houses the world's most evil creatures - including Dracula himself - is under attack, and the creatures of the night, the phantasms are about to escape, into our world.

Now, a band of warriors with supernatural powers, led by an ageing occult expert, have to travel through worlds and time to reach The Castle that holds the key to stopping the evil, before it reaches our world. But The Castle is protected by The Red Death, the mythic figure that inspired Edgar Allan Poe's famous short story. And so the warriors have to find a way to defeat The Red Death, enter the castle and solve the mystery, before the world comes to an end!

Featuring characters from Bram Stoker's Dracula and the stories of Edgar Allan Poe, PHANTASMS is an epic tale of "Good Versus Evil" and a must-read for fans of the genre.

This is the second book in "The Crofton Cycle", a series of loosely connected books which feature recurring characters and themes.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Book Review: Too Sexy For His Stetson

                                                         Today's review is on Too Sexy For His Stetson by Mal Olson

Olson has yet again kept me from my home and wifely duties with her new book. I intended to just read about 100 pages yesterday but ended up reading the whole book instead.

Now, I don't know if it's just me, but when I read a well written and entertaining book I actually see it as if I'm watching it all happen. With Olson's wonderful description's of the surroundings, the smells, and the rippling muscles, I was able to see the sexy Deputy Blade Beringer right in my bedroom! (It's where I was reading.)

Brandy Wilcox, a Deputy Trainee, comes across a suspicious character at one of the cabins in the mountains. Off duty and without handcuffs, Wilcox comes up with an alternative way to keep him from "escaping." She instructs him to take off his shirt and pants. I mean, who's going to run off in their underwear?  But this handsome suspect isn't all that he seems. He's actually Deputy Blade Beringer, her new training officer.

The attraction between the two is quick as lightening, but the investigation involving the white supremacists, a homicide, and the regulations regarding interpersonal relationships may keep them apart. But the drop dead gorgeous Deputy just cannot keep his mind off of the feisty blonde rookie, and that rookie can't keep her mind off of him either. And fight as they may to keep their attraction at bay it seems impossible and passion trumps rules.

Like all good characters, these two come with emotional baggage. It's how they overcome the emotional trauma's of their lives that keeps you rooting for them. But it's also the danger they face through the story that keeps you enticed. Hell, there's even a dog you can't help but fall in love with!

This book is sure to be great hit.

5 of 5 stars
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Sizzling Hot Sheriff in Action Anguished over his father's lack of morals, Deputy Blade Beringer struggles to conquer self-doubts. When he and his K9 partner Rambo arrive in the mountains of northern Idaho, Blade is faced with a band of white supremacists, a homicide investigation, and a murder cold case, not to mention the task of training a gorgeous blond rookie. Trainee Brandy Wilcox is bent on clearing her mother's name of a wrongful murder conviction. While working the homicide investigation with her sexy new training officer, she discovers a connection between the victim and her mother's case. The two deputies struggle to resist their mutual attraction and abide by the no-fraternizing rules, but passion blazes and teeters on the brink of love. With a killer targeting them and danger lurking at every turn, Brandy doubts their love can blossom, especially when she puts Officer Skip Coogan—Blade's best friend and father figure—at the top of her suspect list.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Book Review: Dark Moon

                Today's review is on Dark Moon by Maggie Tideswell

I have decided that I'm a big fan of short chapters. It makes it easier to put the book down for a few minutes and pick it up again without feeling guilty. However, I have a three issues.

First of all, the beginning was a bit confusing and I had trouble keeping everyone straight. I would have liked it more if it didn't leave me feeling rushed. Secondly, there were a lot of mistakes throughout the book that should have been corrected during the editing phase. And finally, the ending was just a bit more abrupt for my taste. There was no cliffhanger or happily ever after. But no matter how much these issues annoyed me, I have to say that I really enjoyed it.

Once you get passed the first few chapters the story begins to unfold and you begin to get entranced by the battle between good and evil, and you can't help but to fall in love with the handsome hero.

Storm Fenton seems to have it all. She's beautiful, successful, and has a very hot boyfriend. But things aren't always as they seem, especially when it comes to Trevor Heardt. Unknown to Storm, Trevor is a powerful Witch.

Though Storm and Trevor have been together for a year, there's no passion in the relationship. In fact, Storm is actually a bit confused as to what his feeling for her really are. After all, being together for that long and not getting past first base? Something needs to be done about that so Storm devises a plan to get him to propose to her.

Then, while sunbathing on a secluded beach one day Storm meets Jarred Walters, a breathtakingly handsome Navy Captain. the attraction is instant and Storm experiences a passion she has never felt, not to mention the best mind blowing sex. Though she thinks that she will never see him again, Jarred can't get her out of his head or out of his heart. And when he finds out that she is carrying his child he loves her all the more.

But now Storm is ruined. Trevor needed her pure for the ritual. The ritual that will give him more power, and he'll do anything to get it. Even if it means hurting and killing others.

I'm a sucker for a good love story so I was captivated by the amount of love Jarred had for Storm. How he pursued her relentlessly. And when he cried, I was a gonner.

I hope that there is a second book or a revision to the ending of this one. I need to know if Storm and Jarred get the baby they want. I need to actually read that they will live the dream.

3 of 5 stars
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A spellbinding novel of love, murder, and the supernatural. Chance meetings can have far-reaching effects. Loved ones may not be who they seem. The line between comprehension and confusion is thin ~ particularly when one's thoughts are being manipulated by another. In Dark Moon, the eternal triangle takes an innovative twist into the occult as dark magic fights against those who serve the Light. The prize? A woman's soul.