Saturday, August 31, 2013


                                New Release from one of my FAVORITE Authors 
                                                            Dead Lake
                             From Southern Christian Inspirational Fiction Author 
                                                         B. J. Robinson

                                 ON SALE NOW for just $3.99 From Amazon


Book Description:

Judy and Jim Knowlton, a retired couple who enjoy fishing, decide to fish and explore one of the two legendary Dead Lakes in Wewahitchka, Florida, and soon find themselves boating through hauntingly beautiful cypress trees, skeletons, stumps, and knees in a lake considered the best freshwater sport and bass fishing in the nation. Brace yourself with courage to boat in a graveyard of trees and explore. Though Judy admits nature photographers would find an oasis, she can't shake the ominous feeling that snakes through her body. A lone cypress tree forms an eerie silhouette, but it isn't the only creepy rising skeleton from Dead Lake. Many bony fingers reach for the sky. Dawn breaks. A spectacular sunrise washes across the skyline, but fingertips of pink reach for the skeletal arms. Judy likes to fish off bank, while Jim's pride and joy is his fifteen foot red-and-black Bass Tracker. He's all about boating and fishing on Dead Lake, and it'll take more than skeletal trees to change his mind. He can't wait for a diverse fish supper the lake offers. An unsolved mystery from long ago entangles Judy and Jim in its web when an escaped convict decides he wants to search an old junk heap behind their mobile home. When their grandson and beloved pets are affected, the stakes are raised. Whose bones are discovered in Dead Lake near Swamp Rat's cabin in the woods? Judy spies the waters of the lake bubbling. Somehow, it doesn't remind her of discovering oil and becoming rich. The water is doing its on weird thing, and the tops of the cypress trees along the bank blur like wind is rustling through them, but there's no wind. Everything is still. A Florida evening T-storm drums down with wind gusting as Judy attempts to show Jim the water, but her voice is lost in the wind, and he steers the boat away without looking back. The lake water spirals around that certain strand of trees and ripples in a huge circle. Is the mystery of Dead Lake over, or is it just beginning? Award-winning author B. J. Robinson takes readers to the Florida Panhandle northern Gulf County best known for the Dead Lakes and Tupelo Honey, which is world famous and has been harvested for over one hundred years from the Apalachicola River Basin. This is the first novel in her Dead Lake Mystery Series, 51,376 words.

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