Thursday, August 8, 2013

Book Review: A Valentine Surprise

              Today's review is on A Valentine Surprise by Lisa Page

Lately I have been reading 400+ page books that have been very emotionally draining. One day while taking a break and looking around Goodreads, I noticed this beautiful cover. And since Valentine's Day was almost upon me I decided to hop on over to Amazon and pick it up. I had hoped to read A Valentine Surprise as soon as it uploaded to my Kindle, but sadly that was not the case. And though it may have been a great Valentine read, I have found that it is a good read no matter what day it is.

This short ~40 page book centers around the life of elementary school teacher Kendra Hart. She had thought that she had found her "Prince Charming" in Mark and was looking forward to their one-year anniversary. Now however, all she cares about is getting her revenge after he broke her heart.

Finding out that Mark and his new girlfriend, Ashley, will be going to dinner at the very place she had made Valentine's reservations, Kendra devises her plan. Now all she needs is a smoking hot guy to play her pretend boyfriend.

Josh and Kendra met each other on their first day working at the same school and had quickly become friends. But when he volunteers to be her fake date, Kendra is reluctant to agree. What Kendra doesn't know though is that Josh is the perfect man for the "job" because he's actually already in love with her.

The only problem I had with this book is that there were a lot of editing misses.

3 of 5 stars
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Book Description: via Amazon

Valentine's Day is approaching and love is in the air. But not for Kendra Hart. The only word on her mind is revenge. She thought she'd found the perfect man, her very own Prince Charming, in Mark Woodward and was devastated when out of the blue he left her for another woman.

Heartbroken, Kendra devises an elaborate plan of revenge that is sure to make Mark sorry for what he's done and come crawling back to her. The plan involves her friend, Josh, playing the role of her pretend boyfriend on the most romantic night of all, Valentine's Day. But as Josh and Kendra prepare for their roles, she finds herself drawn to him and the line between their act and reality becomes blurred.

When Valentine's Day arrives, things don't go as expected and the night is full of romance and surprises for everyone.

***A Valentine Surprise by Lisa Page is a contemporary romance novella, the perfect length to read over your lunch break, waiting for an appointment or on a lazy weekend afternoon.


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