Monday, August 19, 2013

Book Review: Magic's Daughter

                                 ****Sexy Spicy Romance, Physical or Sexual Assault***

Today's review is on Magic's Daughter by Ann Gimpel

You know how sometimes you read so many of one author's books that they tend to get stale or monotonous? They sometimes make you question why you keep reading more? Well, you wont find any of that with Gimpel's work. Yes, they all have romance and a bit of paranormal flair, but there is always something more, and Magic's Daughter is no different.

Cassionetta Ceobbin is the daughter of Eleanora Ceobbin, a "well-known psychic", and Francis Braxbury, a "British seer". Sadly however, she herself has absolutely no magical abilities, or many friends.

Wanting to be desired and loved, Cassie falls head over heels for Tyler MacKenzie. His full and sensual lips, his beautiful red-golden hair, and his all around Nordic good looks; not to mention his amazing "equipment", fills Cassie's mind and body so much so that she ignores just about everything else. She even brushes off her one friend, Jeremy's, warning about him.

Shortly after Tyler's arrival into Cassie's life something terrible happens to her mother. Cassie finds her face down in one of the rooms of their home. Even though she does regain consciousness, she doesn't speak and hasn't spoken in about a years time.

It was during that years time that Cassie and Tyler's relationship deteriorate to less than that of amicable roommates. All love lost between the two. He was no longer the man she had fallen for. He began taking over her mother's clients along with everything else in the house. But Cassie has finally had enough and now wants nothing more than to save her mother and be rid of Tyler once and for all.

Jeremy has been in love with Cassie for years but hasn't been able to court her because of his Druid ties. Though her mother was a part of their Council, because Cassie has no magic of her own, she isn't. He's tired of just being friends with Cassie and can't wait for her to be between lovers any longer. He can't sit by and watch the woman he loves be hurt further by Tyler's magic.

There is real danger ahead for Cassie and her mother. Danger so strong that even Jeremy will need a little help to keep them all safe.

I love the original characters in Gimpel's books. Their quirks and abilities always peak my interests and keeps me coming back for more. It's one thing to write a full-length novel that leaves the reader feeling good about what he/she has just read. It's a whole different ballgame when you try to do the same with a novella. Gimpel is able to do both.

A great quick read that will leave you satiated as well as anxiously awaiting for the next one.

4 of 5 stars
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Magic, danger, and intrigue abound in Ann Gimpel’s newest romance novel Magic’s Daughter. Dark forces are at work to destroy Cassie’s world, her death the ultimate goal. Drawn to a man from her past, the battle becomes more than a fight for survival, it becomes a fight for a love she never could have anticipated.

Destined to be surrounded by magic yet have none of her own, Cassie walks a thin line between love and danger. Her mother is dying and her boyfriend has turned into something which terrifies her. By the time she wakes up to the danger she’s in, it’s nearly too late.

Cassie’s friend Jeremy warns her about her scumbag boyfriend, but she’s not listening until deeply disturbing events unfold and her life hangs in the balance. With few choices left, she and Jeremy join forces to battle the darkness threatening them. Meanwhile, Cassie warms to Jeremy in ways she never could have anticipated. Love was there all along, if she’d just opened her eyes and looked.


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