Monday, July 30, 2012

Book Review: Vampire Free Style

Today's review is on Vampire Free Style by Jenika Ioffreda

Vampire Free Style is a self published comic series that's making its way around London and the rest of the United Kingdom on its way to the USA.

Wonderfully illustrated, Vampire Free Style is a 300 year old story in the making staring all of the mythical characters we love to read about.  Witches in training, a Fairy Godmother, and of course Vampires.  Throw in a love story that spans all time and you have a winner.

Though I'm really not the comic book type, I really enjoyed the change and reading all six of the editions I was given for this review.  And though there were a few mistakes, I would still recommend you take a look.

It is not currently listed on Amazon, but you can hop on over to their web page and check it out!

4 of 5 stars

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Book Review: Walking With Shadows

     Today's review is on Walking With Shadows by Julieanne Lynch

Walking with Shadows is the second installment in Lynch's Shadows series and like the first, it has left me wanting more.

As if Giselle couldn't suffer any further, she awakes from a nine week slumber to find that her baby bump has grown exponentially. And though she is both confused and alarmed, she finds comfort that Antoine has been looking after her. But the ever growing dangers are always just a step ahead of Giselle.

Not only does Alex want their unborn child, but the King of Darkness wants her to himself. And then there is Atarah who will use anyone to get what she wants. No matter where Giselle turns she is never truly safe. Fighting the darkness that was trying to consume her was one thing, but now she has to travel through Hell to rescue her baby!

Friends become foe's and Angel's loose their lives as the drama plays out. Will evil prevail or will good win in the end, and at what cost to the characters we know and love. Can Giselle kill the father of her child? Will she be strong enough to do what she must?

Just as In the Shadows had me shedding tears, Walking had me reaching for the tissue box a couple of times too. Now I just have to wait for the final installment. I hope it works out the way I want >.< I love Antoine!!

4 of 5 stars
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Book Review: The Concubine's Gift

                             Today's review is on The Concubine's Gift by K.  Ford

                                         The cover of this delightful book gives no clue what so ever of the magic it   holds inside. The Concubine's gift is a wonderful twist on love, eroticism, and the paranormal.  Well written characters keep you laughing, smiling, and sometimes leave you in a state of shock at how "real" they truly are. 

Bernice Babbitt is the stereotypical minister's daughter.  Pure as the driven snow until she was married, concerned with how everyone will think of her, and has an uneventful sex life with her husband.  Her only escape is the collection of oddities she has hidden in her home, many of which are of a sexual nature.  So when she comes across an old make-up case that once belonged to Blissful Night; a famous concubine, she just has to have it. 

Inside one of the draws she finds a small vile filled with face powder, but this is not just any face powder.  Once Bernice begins to use it she starts to have visions.  Visions that she would rather live without.  Visions of other people's sex life.  And the only way to make them stop is to tell the people involved.  But when she has a vision of herself and the new minister, things get out of control.

Fun and quirky, The Concubine's Gift is sure to put a smile on your face.  Just be sure that you have a free day to read because you won't want to put this book down.

4 of 5 stars
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Book Review: The Last Echo: The Body Finder, #3

                                    Today's review is on The Last Echo: The Body Finder, #3 by Kimberly Derting

I certainly hope that The Last Echo is not the last book in this amazing series.  I have been hooked from the very first and don't plan on letting go any time soon.  Just as the other two books in the series, The Last Echo had me glued to the very edge of my seat the entire time.  And just when I thought I knew what the twist was, I was thrown for a major loop.  

Each of Derting's books in this series flow effortlessly.  Each one having both suspense and romance up to the very end.  Wondrous with it's paranormal flavor, but believable in it's circumstances, this series always leaves me wanting more.

After keeping her strange "ability" a secret from everyone except her family and Jay, Violet is asked to join a special task force of sorts.  This group of people with special psychic abilities is led by ex-FBI agent Sarah Priest, and together they try to solve murders.

Violet finally begins to feel acceptance for what she can do when she is with the group, and feels a sense of belonging.  And perhaps a sense of something else from one of the members. 

There is just something about Rafe that Violet cannot put her finger on, and when they's shocking.  But she belongs with Jay.  Doesn't she.  Besides, there are other things to worry about.  There is a murderer out there.

Someone is kidnapping women, and when they are found there are eerie similarities among them, and not just the way they look.  They are very clean, with their hair done, make-up on, and the same purplish nail polish on their nails.  The press has dubbed the murderer, The Collector as he seems to be collecting these girls.

It will take all of Violets strength to get through the dangers she faces in The Last Echo.  Not only is she stalked by one killer, but she may be stalked by another.  The only question is, will she escape with not only her life, but with her sanity intact.

Awesome, Fantastic, Great.  Whatever you choose to call it, The Last Echo is a Five Star hit.

5 of 5 stars
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Book Review: Dark Passage

                                                     Today's review is on Dark Passage by Griffin Hayes

I never look at reviews written by other readers until I myself have finished reading the book in question, and have my own opinion formulated. So when I looked over the reviews for Dark Passage, I was surprised to find a common theme. Like the main character, many readers themselves suffered from a sleep disorder of some sort, including myself.

Tyson Barrett's childhood was anything but average. His mother, who had OCD, controlled every aspect of his life. Even his fears. He cannot walk in the middle of the room, his food is excessively wrapped in plastic wrap, and he can never, ever go into the room where "the monster" is. But those times and fears are all behind him now.

After authorities found Tyson near death with a bag over his head, he was taken away from his parents and placed in foster care. Eventually he fell in love, married, and had a son whom he loved very deeply. Everything seemed to be going along perfectly until the nightmares began.

He hasn't slept in weeks, his marriage fell apart, and he'll do anything to get his life back together. But when he becomes a guinea pig for an experimental PTSD drug, everything takes a turn for the worst. Now he'll have to face his greatest fear of all to save himself and the ones he loves.

As with Malice, Hayes delivers a fantastic story. Vividly descriptive characters weave a web of horror and mystery that will keep you intrigued until the very end.  Murder, mayhem, and definitely things that go bump in the night.  And though I thought Malice was exceptional, my copy of Dark Passage had so many mistakes that I'm just a bit disappointed.

4 of 5 stars
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Book Review: Flesh and Feathers

          Today's review is on Flesh and Feathers by April Fifer

While some books seem to drag on and on, Flesh and Feathers takes off from the very first page and doesn't stop. In fact, it is this readers opinion that it goes so fast that there is some vital information that seems to be missing. Never the less, the story was enjoyable and captivating enough to keep me turning page after page.

Azaleigh; Az, Carlton’s life has been anything but easy. Her father left when he found out that her mother was pregnant, so he has never been a part of her life, and her mother had passed away just ten years earlier. Thankfully she's had Tannah; her mother's best friend, to look after her. But working at Tannah's little diner with her friend Jen, doesn't leave much time for going out to have fun, or dating. That all changes one evening though when a glowing pink sign catches her eye.

Sitting at the bar, she is captivated by the handsome bartender Kale. And though he's not much for conversation, they fall in love. Just when Az feels that everything is going fantastically, she is attacked by someone or something she cannot explain. It's only by Kale's brute angelic strength, and the speed of Jen's driving skills that save her.

Unknown to Az, she is an Arch. The Angel that will lead the others into the new Heaven. And as being such, the "tainted ones" are after her, and it will take Tannah, Jen, Gage, and Kale to keep her safe.

Flesh and Feathers is off to a decent start, though I would have liked it better if it was more properly edited. However, once again I am hooked to yet another series. I have questions that I need answered, and a vested interest in the relationship between Az and Kale; Yes, I am team Kale, so I will be looking out for the next book in the series.

3 of 5 stars
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Book Review: Last Resort

                  Today's review is on Last Resort by BJ Robinson

A welcoming change from books filled with senseless sexual encounters, Last Resort is filled with a romance that we often dream of.  A romance that comes from being friends first and blossoms into a beautiful love like the beauty of God's flowers.  It's a wonderful story of strength and perseverance, as much as it is of true love and faith in God.

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood", and sadly the road that Faith Grace Roussell has traveled on has been a heartbreaking one.  She's lost her mother to cancer and her sister to an eating disorder.  Her one comfort is knowing that they are both with Jesus watching over her.

Now she's back in Bridal Wreath, Florida, living in her childhood home and working her mother's strawberry farm. Little did she know that The Lord had bigger things in store for her.

Attending an after-church meal, Faith is surprised when the handsome Matt Allen runs right into her, smashing strawberry shortcake between them.  After cleaning up and enjoying some of the bountiful food, Matt hops in his truck to leave and a shot rings out.  Thankfully he wasn't harmed, and everyone chocks it up to a hunters stray bullet.

Matt lives just next door and has offered to help her at every turn.  But Faith has already had her heart broken by one man, and doesn't want to go down that road again.  But Faith realizes that keeping him out of her heart isn't going to be easy, as events seem to be pushing them closer and closer together.

Even though she is the victim of violence again and again, neither her nor Matt ever loose their faith.  They are able to find the good that God provides in everything, and a deep love for each other.  But can they have their Happily Ever After?  Or will the unseen enemy get to them first.

Written with such beauty and grace, Last Resort is an exceptional example of an inspirational romance novel.  I look forward to reading more from Robinson in the future.

4 of 5 stars
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Friday, July 6, 2012

Book Review: Big Game (The V V Inn, Book 3)

                                            Today's review is on Big Game (The V V Inn, Book 3) by C. J. Ellisson
Ellisson has finally hit the nail on the head with her third book in her Vampire Vacation series.  With the right mix of suspense and well-placed sex scenes, Big Game is a must read.  All the characters you love to hate, and the ones you love to love are all there ready, willing, and able to keep you riveted to your seat.

Vivian and Rafe leave Alaska to travel to the headquarters of the Vampire Tribunal. After they were recently attacked by their own kind, they want to find out why and who is ultimately responsible.  With the centuries that Vivian has lived, she has made many enemies, making it that much more difficult.  So when trouble come knocking, it will take all the strength they have to survive. That, however, is not the only danger to Vivian and her family.

Jon and Asa are manning the Inn, getting it ready for a pack of visiting Werewolves for a summer hunt.  But when the guests are shot with silver bullets, they realize that they are under attack themselves, and not by weekend warriors.  With the connection to Vivian totally gone, it's up to Jon to take control, even with all of the beautiful women vying for his attention.

Though there were more editing mistakes than I would have liked to see, I was so impressed with the growth of Ellisson's writing that I can't find it in me to give a rating below 4 stars.  Two solid plot lines flowing so smoothly is not something that comes naturally, nor is the ability to write a well developed book using six point’s of view.

Excellent job C.J.!  I'll be waiting for the next installment.

4 of 5 stars
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