Monday, July 9, 2012

Book Review: Last Resort

                  Today's review is on Last Resort by BJ Robinson

A welcoming change from books filled with senseless sexual encounters, Last Resort is filled with a romance that we often dream of.  A romance that comes from being friends first and blossoms into a beautiful love like the beauty of God's flowers.  It's a wonderful story of strength and perseverance, as much as it is of true love and faith in God.

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood", and sadly the road that Faith Grace Roussell has traveled on has been a heartbreaking one.  She's lost her mother to cancer and her sister to an eating disorder.  Her one comfort is knowing that they are both with Jesus watching over her.

Now she's back in Bridal Wreath, Florida, living in her childhood home and working her mother's strawberry farm. Little did she know that The Lord had bigger things in store for her.

Attending an after-church meal, Faith is surprised when the handsome Matt Allen runs right into her, smashing strawberry shortcake between them.  After cleaning up and enjoying some of the bountiful food, Matt hops in his truck to leave and a shot rings out.  Thankfully he wasn't harmed, and everyone chocks it up to a hunters stray bullet.

Matt lives just next door and has offered to help her at every turn.  But Faith has already had her heart broken by one man, and doesn't want to go down that road again.  But Faith realizes that keeping him out of her heart isn't going to be easy, as events seem to be pushing them closer and closer together.

Even though she is the victim of violence again and again, neither her nor Matt ever loose their faith.  They are able to find the good that God provides in everything, and a deep love for each other.  But can they have their Happily Ever After?  Or will the unseen enemy get to them first.

Written with such beauty and grace, Last Resort is an exceptional example of an inspirational romance novel.  I look forward to reading more from Robinson in the future.

4 of 5 stars
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