Monday, July 23, 2012

Book Review: The Concubine's Gift

                             Today's review is on The Concubine's Gift by K.  Ford

                                         The cover of this delightful book gives no clue what so ever of the magic it   holds inside. The Concubine's gift is a wonderful twist on love, eroticism, and the paranormal.  Well written characters keep you laughing, smiling, and sometimes leave you in a state of shock at how "real" they truly are. 

Bernice Babbitt is the stereotypical minister's daughter.  Pure as the driven snow until she was married, concerned with how everyone will think of her, and has an uneventful sex life with her husband.  Her only escape is the collection of oddities she has hidden in her home, many of which are of a sexual nature.  So when she comes across an old make-up case that once belonged to Blissful Night; a famous concubine, she just has to have it. 

Inside one of the draws she finds a small vile filled with face powder, but this is not just any face powder.  Once Bernice begins to use it she starts to have visions.  Visions that she would rather live without.  Visions of other people's sex life.  And the only way to make them stop is to tell the people involved.  But when she has a vision of herself and the new minister, things get out of control.

Fun and quirky, The Concubine's Gift is sure to put a smile on your face.  Just be sure that you have a free day to read because you won't want to put this book down.

4 of 5 stars
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