Thursday, July 26, 2012

Book Review: Walking With Shadows

     Today's review is on Walking With Shadows by Julieanne Lynch

Walking with Shadows is the second installment in Lynch's Shadows series and like the first, it has left me wanting more.

As if Giselle couldn't suffer any further, she awakes from a nine week slumber to find that her baby bump has grown exponentially. And though she is both confused and alarmed, she finds comfort that Antoine has been looking after her. But the ever growing dangers are always just a step ahead of Giselle.

Not only does Alex want their unborn child, but the King of Darkness wants her to himself. And then there is Atarah who will use anyone to get what she wants. No matter where Giselle turns she is never truly safe. Fighting the darkness that was trying to consume her was one thing, but now she has to travel through Hell to rescue her baby!

Friends become foe's and Angel's loose their lives as the drama plays out. Will evil prevail or will good win in the end, and at what cost to the characters we know and love. Can Giselle kill the father of her child? Will she be strong enough to do what she must?

Just as In the Shadows had me shedding tears, Walking had me reaching for the tissue box a couple of times too. Now I just have to wait for the final installment. I hope it works out the way I want >.< I love Antoine!!

4 of 5 stars
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