Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Book Review: Wicked


                                                  Today's review is on Wicked by Addison Moore

Wicked is the fourth installment in Moore's Celesta series and remains as one of my favorite series to date.  As with the other installments, Wicked maintains the level of adventure, suspense, and romance.  You find yourself loving one character one minute and hating him/her the next.

Chloe is back and makes her come back appearance at Skyla's birthday party where she has just found out that her whole family, along with Logan, are Counts. 

While Chloe has has her claws into Gage by way of blackmailing him, Logan goes on a murderous spree to prove to Skyla that she can trust him and that he loves her.  However things are not always as they seem. 

Everything seems to come to an end and things begin to look good for Skyla until Chloe lets Marshall know that she knows what he is.  This leaves Marshall with no option but to hand her over to the Counts himself. 

Who can Skyla really trust? Will Logan really offer her as a blood sacrifice?  Will Gage rescue her in time?  Does Marshall really love her?  What will come of Skyla now? With the cliffhanger at the end of Wicked, I have absolutely no clue, but I'm itching to find out.

An awesome addition to an already fantastic series.  You have to pick it up and give it read!!

4 of 5 stars

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Book Review: Foretold

                                           Today's review is on Foretold by Raine Thomas

Foretold is the third and final installment in Thomas' Daughters of Saraqael series. Written in the same descriptive and eloquent style, Thomas brings an enticing end to the series.

As anticipated, Foretold brought together Skye and Caleb in a style that was befitting of Skye's bubbling personality. Skye literally gets the wedding of her dreams at the stroke of midnight after a great Ball.

All is not fun and games however. The Mercesti are still after them, and the great battle foretold in "The Great Foretelling" is at hand. It is up to Skye, with her unyielding faith and the rest of her family to lead the Estilorians to victory.

This series was fantastic. I simply loved it and can not wait for Thomas' next series.

4 of 5 stars

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Book Review: Sapphire


                                   Today's review is on Sapphire by Jeffe Kennedy

Sapphire is an erotic romance short story that focuses on the life of M. Taylor Hamilton, a successful business woman and Adam Kirliss, the rich and handsome business owner.

While on her bosses yacht, Taylor is yet again hit on by Adam. This time however his approach is much, much different. Up on the secluded upper deck of the yacht Adam handcuffs Taylor to the railing. While in control of the situation, he gives Taylor a "safe word", Sapphire. To stop Adams kinky type seduction all she has to do is utter that one word.

After a joyful sexual release, Taylor agrees to meet with Adam the next day for lunch where she then agrees to meet him that evening. When she arrives at Adams home the "fun" begins. Throughout Adams BDSM seduction all he wants is for Taylor to let down her "ice queen" walls and to stop trying to maintain control of her life. The next morning however she realizes that she just can't, so she scribbles Sapphire on to a piece of paper and runs out of the house.

Ultimately Taylor realizes that she can not get Adam out of her mind or her heart and arranges to proposition Adam in much the same manner that he had on the yacht. Needless to say, Taylor and Adam make an exceptional pair.

A tastefully written erotic story, Sapphire inspires a female reader to just let go and enjoy the moment of sexual experimentation. (as long as it remains safe.)

3 of 5 stars

Monday, November 21, 2011

Book Review: Central

                                Today's review is on Central by Raine Thomas

Central is the second installment in Thomas' Daughters of Saraqael series and focuses primarily on Olivia and her growing relationship with James. Thomas's descriptive writing of the Estilorian world is fantastic, making you feel that you are sitting in the background watching everything that is happening around you.

In Central, the sisters, along with their Gloresti's begin to become a family in and of themselves. This bond becomes even stronger when they unexpectedly create a type of magical, binding bond between them all resulting in yet another unusual tattoo on all of their wrists. It is with this amazing bond that Amber, Gabriel, Skye, Caleb, and James are able to help Olivia when she is captured by the Mercesti.

To watch as James comes to terms with his love for Olivia was sweet and romantic, and a bit funny at times, reminding me of my own first brushes with love. Now it's time for Skye and Caleb. Perhaps that is what will happen in Thomas' third installment, Foretold.

Well written and no editing errors. Go figure. With so many books being poorly edited lately it is a joy to see one well done.

4 of 5 stars

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Book Review: Curses

                                                Today's review is on Curses by Jacqueline Paige

Curses is the second book that I have read by Paige, and I must say that though the editing is poor the stories themselves a quite good.

I know that I have said it before, but there is something to be said about a book that is written erotically without being all about the sex. Paige is able to convey the desire and passion her characters have for one another that makes what ultimately happens in the bedroom that much better.

In Behind The Mask, eighteen-year-old Gracelyn Arianna Trainer's older sister places a curse on her, and then dies in a car accident. The curse makes everyone who meets her instantly forget her. No one even noticed she was at the funeral! It is only the man who truly sees her that can set her free just before midnight on all hallows eve. Depressed, Gracelyn leaves her home only to return to the town many years later. Now however she has a new name and a new admirer.

Each day for two years she is visited by the dashingly, handsome Evan. Though he is very attracted to Arianna, and he has asked her out more than once, she still refuses him until the night of his Halloween party. When she walks into, what use to be her very own home, Evans house he knows instantly that it's her, but she doesn't know that the man dressed as the lion is really him.

After a night of seduction, Arianna realizes that the lion was Evan and that he knows who she really is. The curse is broken and he will never let her go.

In The Ring, PR agent Emma runs off to a secluded cabin by a lake after having her heart broken. She had caught her then boyfriend and boss with her assistant, and that was not his first affair.

While there she meets Bryce who just appeared one day from the mist. At first she thinks she is just seeing things, but finds that though he can only appear in the evening he is very real.

Bryce had simply vanished one day after a fight with a girl in 1973, and he can't seem to remember all of the facts. As the two become closer Emma is intent on finding out what exactly happened and how she can keep him from vanishing every morning.

After finding Bryce's ring and talking to the caretaker of the cabin, Emma rushes home to tell Bryce the news. Though she cannot see him she tells him everything along with telling him that she trusts him and that she loves him.

Both stories are good, and I read the whole book in just a few hours. I actually couldn't wait to get back home after running errands so I could get back to reading them. I will be keeping my eye out for other books by Paige. I would just suggest though a bit more editing thank you very much.

3.75 of 5 stars

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Book Review: Dreams

                                                  Today's review is on Dreams by Jacqueline Paige

Dreams is a collection of three stories that take the reader through the lives of Jennah Best, Dominic Palmer, Brody, and Tess.

In Our Dream:
Jennah is working in a small town police station.  She is pretty much content with her life.  If only her ex-husband would get a clue and leave her alone and she could find that one person that completes her.  One night she meets that special man in her dream.

Dominic is a get the job done cop who is currently working undercover in a prison.  Along with his ability to do what ever it takes to solve a crime, Dominic also has the ability to "connect" with others who share his ability.  When his cover is blown it's up to Jennah to come to the rescue.

From A Dream:
Jennah and Dominic have become as happy a couple they can be with Jennah going to work and Dominic hiding out.  When Jennah gets abducted while Dominic is out for a little air his dreams of love, marriage and a family may be at stake.

With Tess' ability to teleport from one place to another and Brody's back up the bad guys get their due and Dominic gets the love of his life back.

After The Dream:
Jennah and Dominic are now married and Jennah is a very pregnant woman.  While the team is back together for another case Brody and Tess are able to explore their growing feelings for each other.

These three stories are full of action, romance, and adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. However, the copy I was given had multiple errors.  It is such a shame that a really good book could be a really great book if only it was given the attention and care it deserves.  Editing is the key.  It is because of this that I have to lower my rating.

3 of 5 stars

Friday, November 18, 2011

Book Review: Becoming

                                    Today's review is on Becoming by Raine Thomas

Becoming is the first installment in Thomas' Daughters of Saraqael series and took me just two days to finish, it was that good.

Amber Hopkins' life has never been easy. Every three years something happens to her causing her extreme physical pain as well as the mental anguish of having to go to another foster placement. With the help of Gabriel, another child living with the affectionate Mrs. B, she is able to calm down some and avoid an all out blow up.

Though Gabriel has always known that Amber was the girl for him since the day he met her, he never pushed the issue until she was ready. Once he brings her back from the brink of death is is just that. She if ready, willing, and able to love him enough to accept and exchange promise rings while on a trip together to Alaska.

While in Alaska, Amber and Gabriel find that they are not entirely what they seem to be. In fact Amber finds that she is only half-human along with her two sisters and that the boy she loves is not even human at all.

Adventure await everyone when they return to the Estilorian world.

Love and intrigue abound in Becoming along with touching moments of delightful sarcasm.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Book Review: Wiccan, A Witchy Young Adult Paranormal Romance

                  Today's review is on Wiccan, A Witchie Young Adult Paranormal Romance by Michelle Leighton

Wiccan is the first installment in Leighton's Wiccan series and is off to a fantastic start.  An exceptional suspense thriller thrown in with love and a paranormal twist.

Mercy Holloway is an 18, almost 19 year-old college student with a peculiar "gift".  She can see murders that have happened in the past if she walks over the place that they happened.  Though this "gift" has been difficult to live with she try's to live her life as normally as she can.  One day, on her way to school she has a vision of a woman being strangled.  She accepts this as par for the course of her life until she sees the girl who was murdered sitting in front of her very much alive.

Wanting to do something to prevent her classmate from being murdered Mercy goes to the police.  While the first officer brushes her off as a freak he hands her over to the young Detective Caleb Grayson.  Though at first he too doesn't believe her.

Now something has changed.  Mercy is now having dreams about women being murdered.  With no one else to turn to she contacts Grayson.  As time goes on and other murders happen, he can no longer dismiss the fact that she is right.  He also can not dismiss his growing feelings for her.

Though there were some errors that were not caught by the editor, the book was extremely well written and had me guessing up until the end. 

4 of 5 stars

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Book Review: Semester Aboard


                                            Today's review is on Semester Aboard by Elizabeth Kirke

Semester Aboard is the first installment in Kirke's More than Magic series and brings together vampires, werewolves, witches and a whole slew of other magical creatures.

Jen Maddox is college student who is lucky enough to be able to spend the summer studying aboard a cruise ship traveling through Mexico and South America. Little did she know that she would be thrown into the adventure of her life though. Not only does she find out that there really are things like vampires, witches and werewolves, but there are other magical creatures too. More surprising though is that she herself IS a magical creature. She in fact is a witch. If that's not enough to handle, aboard the ship there is a vampire who is feeding off of the passengers.

With Jen learning how to cast just one spell, it is up to the rest of the MES team aboard the ship to not only protect the people on the ship but her also. Along the way Jen learns a lot about herself and her new friends and somehow finds herself falling in love Thomas and becoming part of TS' pack.

After battling Nathaniel the evil vampire and the rest of his gang; with nearly everyone of Jen's new friends not unscathed, the trip comes to a close and it's time to go back home and wait for the next adventure.

Semester Aboard has all of the elements of a really good book. However, with that being said, it was also a book that seemed to go on and on and on between exciting portions. I know that lately I have been getting down on books that seem to be to short; 68, 87 pages long, but then again some books have to much fluff in between the slices of bread and Semester Aboard is one of them.

There too were quite a bit of grammatical errors and for that alone I have to lower my rating.

I loved the characters and the main story. I just would have liked to have less of the other fluff. I am however looking forward to the next installment. (I just have to see where Jen and Thomas' relationship goes from here.)

3 of 5 stars

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book Review: Feeding The Vampire

                                         Today's review is on Feeding the Vampire by Jeffe Kennedy

Feeding the Vampire is a very short erotic drama not unlike Petals and Thorns by "Jennifer Paris".

Earthquakes and other disasters have plagued the earth leaving the mere humans to become dependent on those vampires who are willing to help and offer their protection. Misty's group has done just that. They have requested assistance from Ivan. All he needs in exchange is blood, and Misty volunteers. After she has fed Ivan she finds herself tied up in his bedroom. Ivan not only wants her blood, he wants her, and in the most carnal way and Misty finds it most pleasurable.

I actually liked the short book; however, I think it could be much better if it were longer. I would like to have had more background on Ivan and Misty. It's just to short the way it is for me.

3 of 5 stars

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Book Review: Natural Urges

Today's review is on Natural Urges by Kayden McLeod

Natural Urges is the second book in McLeod's The Foxworth Coven series and though it too has numerous mistakes, it is just as strong a story as the first book. All of the original characters are back as well as a few new ones.

Natural Urges continues right where Death of Innocence leaves off. Canya has just finished writing down her account as requested by the Council and hands over the journals to her son Arcadia. It is now his and his wife's turn. Though Korbin is reluctant because of her past, she knows that she has to comply.

Korbin, like most, has a past that haunts her. She was once a part of a Coven that used Black Magic to get what they wanted. The Callows Coven tortured humans, fed from them, and did not even give them a quick death, and Korbin was one of the worst. So much so that her family erased her memory and left her for dead.

Waking up with no memory of who she was or where she came from Korbin struggled to get by. With the help of a few people she was able to get a job; as a stripper, and a small apartment. Things were looking up for her until she was kidnapped and placed in a box set to explode.
When Arcadia rescues her, both of their lives change to an extent neither of them could see coming.

Korbin you see is actually the daughter of Mother Nature herself. She is fated to be with Arcadia and he to she. He is the "Key" that will bring Korbin into her Deity powers. Powers that Arcadia will also gain as her mate. Powers that they will both need to end the evil of the Callows Coven and the "Dark One".

Natural Urges did nothing but instill my love for the characters I already loved and my hatred for the ones I already didn't like. The way the author writes about the level of love and adoration these couples share will make any woman envious. (Not to mention how they invoke lust in each other >.<)

My biggest complaint is the editing. If the company that you currently use isn't up to par, please, please, please get a new one. Read over your piece before it goes to print, or have someone else read it just to be sure. What could be awesome drops down to good otherwise.

4 of 5 stars

Monday, November 7, 2011

Book Revew: Forged in Fire


                                       Today's review is on Forged in Fire by Trish McCallan

Forged in fire is a exquisite work of the written word!  From the first sentence of the brief prologue the reader is pulled in and taken on an amazing journey.  Filled with intrigue and suspense, Forged in Fire blends the amazing ability of real life Navy SEAL's with a bit of unexpected paranormal flair.

Beth Brown has an unusual dream that she just can't shake from her mind.  A hijacking of a plane and the murder's of all of the coach passengers along with those of Lieutenant Commander Zane Winters, Cosky and Rawls. An hour before she arrives at the terminal Zane has one of his "visions" in which he sees the dead bodies of his buddies too.

Imagine Beth's surprise when she see's Zane, Cosky, and Rawls at the terminal along with others she recognizes from her dream.  How is she going to convince them that something terrible is going to happen if she questions it herself? After all she is not a Psychic.  By just her presence, Beth has started in motion events that will change her and Zane's lives as well as the passengers and her friends.

There is gun fighting action, unbelievable danger, amazing romance and a cliff hanging ending!  An amazing book you will not want to put down!  You know I'll be waiting for the next installment in McCallan's The Forged Series.  Even the slight amount of editing errors not picked up can not compete with this fantastic story!

5 of 5 stars

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Book Review: Petals and Thorns

                                  Today's review is on Petals and Thorns by Jennifer Paris

Petals and Thorns is an erotic adaptation of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale.  A BDSM adaptation that would make even the Brothers Grimm pant in pleasure.

In order to save her family's finances, Amarantha must marry the Beast.  If after seven days she still remains a virgin she may return home to her family with all of the Beast's wealth.  All she has to do is "keep her legs closed".  A task she surly can do.  Or can she?

Though the Beast is never unkind to her, and provides for her every wish, he finds other ways to please both himself and his new bride.  With his "games" and punishments Amarantha finds herself wanting him more and more but can not bring herself to answer yes to the one thing that will set him free of his curse.

The Beast finally releases Amarantha before the seven days are up and she goes back home only to find that it is her family who are really the beasts.  Hurrying back to the Beasts Manor she finds him unmoving and unresponsive until the clock strikes midnight and he asks his question once again.  When she relents and says yes the magic releases the Beast.

Petals and Thorns is erotic without being vulgar, sensual without being dirty, and pleasurable without need of a shower.

3 of 5 stars

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Review: Death of Innocence

                                         Today's review is on Death of Innocence by Kayden McLeod

Death of Innocence is the first book in McLeod's Foxworth Coven series and is packed with drams, lies, revenge, love, and of course vampires. What better subject matter to read about on of all days, Halloween. Though I found quite a bit of editing mistakes, the overall storyline was fantastic. The character's grab your heart from the beginning and make you fall in love with them.

Canya is a young woman living with her abusive parents dreaming of a better life with Thomas Scott whom she is secretly involved with. When she becomes pregnant however she finds herself poisoned by the very man she thought loved her. After Thomas has convinced Canya to drink the poison; which he says is some type of herbal medicine, she experiences terrible pain and begins to bleed. She realizes what he has done to her, but it is to late to save her and her unborn child.

Gregory Foxworth; who is a powerful vampire living among the humans, is out walking when he hears the desperate cries of a woman. When he rushes to her he uses his powers to heal her, but cannot do anything for the baby. Once healed she returns to her parents home only to be thrown out because of her so called "lies" about Thomas' love for her and her having been pregnant with his baby.

When Gregory comes upon her one day, he is shocked by her condition. The whole town has turned their back on her and have refused to help her. He then becomes her salvation. He takes her into his home and into his heart eventually falling completely head over heels in love with her. He is delighted when he finds that she feels the same way about him even after she finds out what he truly is.

What follows is a story about Antonio Foxworth. He is the adopted son of the Foxworths who seeks revenge against the very family that took him in. He systematically begins destroying the Foxworth's with murder, abduction, rape, and mind control.

An exciting story that will make you smile at some points, make you laugh at others, and eventually make you cry. If only it were better edited, this book would be exceptional. Perhaps the next book in the series, Natural Urges, will be.

4 of 5 stars

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Book Review: Fateful

                                    Today's review is on Fateful by Claudia Gray

Claudia Gray's ability to write fantastic YA books was made clear by the popularity of her Evernight series and continues with Fateful. This fantastic story set aboard the ill fated Titanic is a must read. Fateful is filled with such amazing facts and surprising fiction that I had to keep reading through the night to see what happened next.

Tess Davies is an eighteen year old servant to the Lisle family. While on an errand, Tess meets up with unexpected danger. She is confronted with a black wolf that seems intent on hurting her. The only thing that saves her is a young man who steps between her and the wolf, telling the wolf to leave and strangely it does. Yet before she can thank the young man who saved her, he tells her that she must leave post haste or she will die. Frightened, Tess returns home.

When the Lisle family takes leave to New York aboard the Titanic, Tess again meets the young man. He is Alec Marlowe, heir to the Marlowe steel company, and although she knows nothing can ever happen between them, she can't help by be drawn to him. But Alec has a secret. He is a werewolf, and not the only one on board.

Can Alec be freed from the curse of changing each and every night? Can he escape the Brotherhood; a collection of werewolf thugs? Can the love that Alec and Tess have for each other overcome all the obstacles in their way and finally be together? You'll just have to read the book to get the answers.

Fateful is a fantastically written historical romance with a unique and original twist on the paranormal side. I just loved this book, and I hope that there is a second, third, maybe more. I see a great series potential here.

5 of 5 stars

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Book Review: Malice

                                    Today's review is on Malice by Griffin Hayes

Malice is the first piece that I have read by Hayes. Though different from my "normal" venue of paranormal books, it just called out to me. Thankfully, I was not let down. I was in fact plastered to the pages of this shocking, suspenseful, novel.

Lysander Shore is an outcast. Being a Goth and starting at a new school doesn't make it any easier either. There is however a few shining stars. One is the welcoming he receives from Samantha and Derek. There are strange things happening in Millingham though and Lysander is smack in the middle of it.

Years earlier the McMurphy family was murdered, supposedly by one of their own, James Andre Patrick McMurphy, who then killed himself with a gunshot to his head. Years after that the town's very own Sheriff's wife; and Samantha's mother, was found dead in her bathroom tub, a victim of "suicide". Her eyes missing, her wrists slit to the bone. Now, the body of Peter Hume, has been found. He too is missing his eyes and his wrists are slit to the bone. All signs lead to a serial killer, but who?

Through regressive therapy Lysander finds that he has played a central role in what has been happening. In the earliest of Lysanders past lives he was Parris Locke. Instead of following his heart he followed his power hungry head. He ends up as Millingham’s head selectman faced with the towns unease about a young woman, Rebecca Goodman. She is accused of being a witch. Though he feels she is innocent he does not stop the rest of the town council from continuing the torture and burning of Rebecca.

Those on the council have been reincarnated also through the years. Now they are none other than those still living in the small town. Sheriff Crow, Glenn Shore, Deputy Morgan, Pearl Shore, and Peter Hume. Rebecca Goodman being the Baptist Minister set out for revenge against those who murdered her.

Once Lysander and Samantha know that it is the Minister doing the killing, they set out to make things right. They cannot do it alone however, and others they love will die in the process. It's only at the very end when Lysander's baby sister Jessica breathes her first breath, is there a breath of hope.

Malice will have you biting your black nail polish right off of your nails. Shock, suspense and even a little love thrown in make for a great dramatic read. I'm sad that the ride this book took me on is over. This is one of those really good ones that will stay with me for some time. You MUST OWN this book. Do NOT walk, RUN to your local book store and BUY IT!! You won't be disappointed.

5 of 5 stars

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Book Review: From Russia With Blood


                                     Today's review is on From Russia with Blood by

Larissa Barton is working in her home town at a dead end job dealing with obnoxious college students, a snarky roommate, and a power hungry boss.  Plagued by nightmares, she meets the man that has been haunting her in her sleep when Ian walks into the coffee shop she is working in.  From that moment on Larissa is thrown into a world where vampires, werewolves, and witches really exist.  In fact, she finds out that she is a witch herself.  A very powerful one at that.

Book Review: Antique Charming

                            Today's review is on Antique Charming by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Antique Charming is an extremely short story that didn't allow for much of a story.  Seven pages; including the cover, is just not enough!  For me those seven pages are but an introduction for a unique love story that I can just see developing.  Is this meant to be just that?  I don't know.

Lizzy Morton has just purchased an old funeral home with an attached apartment just a few weeks ago.  One night she hears knocking on the front door and comes face to face with Adam Nichols, the previous owner of Nichols Funeral Home, the exact funeral home that she now owns and lives in.

Thinking that Adam is simply confused she lets him in and allows him a bath and the spare bedroom.  After all, he looks so tired.  He is also remarkably attractive even though he thinks she is his "female assistant".

The next morning Lizzy becomes the confused one when she calls the realtor's office and finds out that not only has her realtor never worked there, but that the funeral home has never been up for sale.  Frightened beyond reason, Lizzy finds comfort in the arms of Adam.

Antique Charming is an excellent introduction for a book that could be amazing.  I'm just sorry that It didn't continue beyond the seven pages.   Just to to short!  Why bother?

2 of 5 stars