Thursday, November 24, 2011

Book Review: Sapphire


                                   Today's review is on Sapphire by Jeffe Kennedy

Sapphire is an erotic romance short story that focuses on the life of M. Taylor Hamilton, a successful business woman and Adam Kirliss, the rich and handsome business owner.

While on her bosses yacht, Taylor is yet again hit on by Adam. This time however his approach is much, much different. Up on the secluded upper deck of the yacht Adam handcuffs Taylor to the railing. While in control of the situation, he gives Taylor a "safe word", Sapphire. To stop Adams kinky type seduction all she has to do is utter that one word.

After a joyful sexual release, Taylor agrees to meet with Adam the next day for lunch where she then agrees to meet him that evening. When she arrives at Adams home the "fun" begins. Throughout Adams BDSM seduction all he wants is for Taylor to let down her "ice queen" walls and to stop trying to maintain control of her life. The next morning however she realizes that she just can't, so she scribbles Sapphire on to a piece of paper and runs out of the house.

Ultimately Taylor realizes that she can not get Adam out of her mind or her heart and arranges to proposition Adam in much the same manner that he had on the yacht. Needless to say, Taylor and Adam make an exceptional pair.

A tastefully written erotic story, Sapphire inspires a female reader to just let go and enjoy the moment of sexual experimentation. (as long as it remains safe.)

3 of 5 stars


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