Sunday, November 6, 2011

Book Review: Petals and Thorns

                                  Today's review is on Petals and Thorns by Jennifer Paris

Petals and Thorns is an erotic adaptation of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale.  A BDSM adaptation that would make even the Brothers Grimm pant in pleasure.

In order to save her family's finances, Amarantha must marry the Beast.  If after seven days she still remains a virgin she may return home to her family with all of the Beast's wealth.  All she has to do is "keep her legs closed".  A task she surly can do.  Or can she?

Though the Beast is never unkind to her, and provides for her every wish, he finds other ways to please both himself and his new bride.  With his "games" and punishments Amarantha finds herself wanting him more and more but can not bring herself to answer yes to the one thing that will set him free of his curse.

The Beast finally releases Amarantha before the seven days are up and she goes back home only to find that it is her family who are really the beasts.  Hurrying back to the Beasts Manor she finds him unmoving and unresponsive until the clock strikes midnight and he asks his question once again.  When she relents and says yes the magic releases the Beast.

Petals and Thorns is erotic without being vulgar, sensual without being dirty, and pleasurable without need of a shower.

3 of 5 stars


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