Friday, November 18, 2011

Book Review: Becoming

                                    Today's review is on Becoming by Raine Thomas

Becoming is the first installment in Thomas' Daughters of Saraqael series and took me just two days to finish, it was that good.

Amber Hopkins' life has never been easy. Every three years something happens to her causing her extreme physical pain as well as the mental anguish of having to go to another foster placement. With the help of Gabriel, another child living with the affectionate Mrs. B, she is able to calm down some and avoid an all out blow up.

Though Gabriel has always known that Amber was the girl for him since the day he met her, he never pushed the issue until she was ready. Once he brings her back from the brink of death is is just that. She if ready, willing, and able to love him enough to accept and exchange promise rings while on a trip together to Alaska.

While in Alaska, Amber and Gabriel find that they are not entirely what they seem to be. In fact Amber finds that she is only half-human along with her two sisters and that the boy she loves is not even human at all.

Adventure await everyone when they return to the Estilorian world.

Love and intrigue abound in Becoming along with touching moments of delightful sarcasm.


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