Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Book Review: Malice

                                    Today's review is on Malice by Griffin Hayes

Malice is the first piece that I have read by Hayes. Though different from my "normal" venue of paranormal books, it just called out to me. Thankfully, I was not let down. I was in fact plastered to the pages of this shocking, suspenseful, novel.

Lysander Shore is an outcast. Being a Goth and starting at a new school doesn't make it any easier either. There is however a few shining stars. One is the welcoming he receives from Samantha and Derek. There are strange things happening in Millingham though and Lysander is smack in the middle of it.

Years earlier the McMurphy family was murdered, supposedly by one of their own, James Andre Patrick McMurphy, who then killed himself with a gunshot to his head. Years after that the town's very own Sheriff's wife; and Samantha's mother, was found dead in her bathroom tub, a victim of "suicide". Her eyes missing, her wrists slit to the bone. Now, the body of Peter Hume, has been found. He too is missing his eyes and his wrists are slit to the bone. All signs lead to a serial killer, but who?

Through regressive therapy Lysander finds that he has played a central role in what has been happening. In the earliest of Lysanders past lives he was Parris Locke. Instead of following his heart he followed his power hungry head. He ends up as Millingham’s head selectman faced with the towns unease about a young woman, Rebecca Goodman. She is accused of being a witch. Though he feels she is innocent he does not stop the rest of the town council from continuing the torture and burning of Rebecca.

Those on the council have been reincarnated also through the years. Now they are none other than those still living in the small town. Sheriff Crow, Glenn Shore, Deputy Morgan, Pearl Shore, and Peter Hume. Rebecca Goodman being the Baptist Minister set out for revenge against those who murdered her.

Once Lysander and Samantha know that it is the Minister doing the killing, they set out to make things right. They cannot do it alone however, and others they love will die in the process. It's only at the very end when Lysander's baby sister Jessica breathes her first breath, is there a breath of hope.

Malice will have you biting your black nail polish right off of your nails. Shock, suspense and even a little love thrown in make for a great dramatic read. I'm sad that the ride this book took me on is over. This is one of those really good ones that will stay with me for some time. You MUST OWN this book. Do NOT walk, RUN to your local book store and BUY IT!! You won't be disappointed.

5 of 5 stars


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