Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Book Review: Natural Urges

Today's review is on Natural Urges by Kayden McLeod

Natural Urges is the second book in McLeod's The Foxworth Coven series and though it too has numerous mistakes, it is just as strong a story as the first book. All of the original characters are back as well as a few new ones.

Natural Urges continues right where Death of Innocence leaves off. Canya has just finished writing down her account as requested by the Council and hands over the journals to her son Arcadia. It is now his and his wife's turn. Though Korbin is reluctant because of her past, she knows that she has to comply.

Korbin, like most, has a past that haunts her. She was once a part of a Coven that used Black Magic to get what they wanted. The Callows Coven tortured humans, fed from them, and did not even give them a quick death, and Korbin was one of the worst. So much so that her family erased her memory and left her for dead.

Waking up with no memory of who she was or where she came from Korbin struggled to get by. With the help of a few people she was able to get a job; as a stripper, and a small apartment. Things were looking up for her until she was kidnapped and placed in a box set to explode.
When Arcadia rescues her, both of their lives change to an extent neither of them could see coming.

Korbin you see is actually the daughter of Mother Nature herself. She is fated to be with Arcadia and he to she. He is the "Key" that will bring Korbin into her Deity powers. Powers that Arcadia will also gain as her mate. Powers that they will both need to end the evil of the Callows Coven and the "Dark One".

Natural Urges did nothing but instill my love for the characters I already loved and my hatred for the ones I already didn't like. The way the author writes about the level of love and adoration these couples share will make any woman envious. (Not to mention how they invoke lust in each other >.<)

My biggest complaint is the editing. If the company that you currently use isn't up to par, please, please, please get a new one. Read over your piece before it goes to print, or have someone else read it just to be sure. What could be awesome drops down to good otherwise.

4 of 5 stars

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