Thursday, November 3, 2011

Book Review: Fateful

                                    Today's review is on Fateful by Claudia Gray

Claudia Gray's ability to write fantastic YA books was made clear by the popularity of her Evernight series and continues with Fateful. This fantastic story set aboard the ill fated Titanic is a must read. Fateful is filled with such amazing facts and surprising fiction that I had to keep reading through the night to see what happened next.

Tess Davies is an eighteen year old servant to the Lisle family. While on an errand, Tess meets up with unexpected danger. She is confronted with a black wolf that seems intent on hurting her. The only thing that saves her is a young man who steps between her and the wolf, telling the wolf to leave and strangely it does. Yet before she can thank the young man who saved her, he tells her that she must leave post haste or she will die. Frightened, Tess returns home.

When the Lisle family takes leave to New York aboard the Titanic, Tess again meets the young man. He is Alec Marlowe, heir to the Marlowe steel company, and although she knows nothing can ever happen between them, she can't help by be drawn to him. But Alec has a secret. He is a werewolf, and not the only one on board.

Can Alec be freed from the curse of changing each and every night? Can he escape the Brotherhood; a collection of werewolf thugs? Can the love that Alec and Tess have for each other overcome all the obstacles in their way and finally be together? You'll just have to read the book to get the answers.

Fateful is a fantastically written historical romance with a unique and original twist on the paranormal side. I just loved this book, and I hope that there is a second, third, maybe more. I see a great series potential here.

5 of 5 stars


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