Thursday, March 14, 2013

Book Reveiw: THERE

                                                Today's review is on THERE by Denise Grover Swank

Full of the exceptional characters and writing style that we have all come to love, Swank delivers the much anticipated sequel to HERE on the Otherside.  And like every other book that she has out, THERE promises to be a huge success.

Julia, Evan, and Reece are on the run from the --> United Region.  They know that Julia is not from their universe and they want her dead.  But during their escape, Evan hurts his leg and infection sets in.  Now, on top of everything, they need to find some antibiotics to save his life.  

While looking for blankets to keep warm, Julia and Reece find Jo.  A scavenger who has been captured by a group of men to be used however they want.  She's tough, closed-off, and alone so naturally Julia befriends her.  But is Jo the friend she claims to be?  Or is she in it just for herself?

Twists and turns and plenty of YA sexual tension play out in THERE.  Everything that Swank is a pro at writing about.  My only question ?  When can I expect a third book in the series?  I need a little love for my man Reece.

I don't think that there is a book that Swank cannot write fantastically.  She is truly on her way to becoming the Poe of  today's YA writers! 

5 of 5 stars
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Book Description:  via Amazon

Julia Phillips’ world is an alternate universe away. Trapped in a land where government leaders want her dead, Julia is forced to run for her life with Evan and Reece, the two boys who brought her here. They’re on their own in a hostile landscape ruled by scavengers and thieves. But Evan is battling a deadly infection, and Julia finds herself racing against time as she tries to find the medicine that will save his life. She and Reece find an unlikely ally—Jo, a girl they free after finding her captured in a bandits’ hideout. As the four travel across the country, Julia has something else to worry about—her memories are slowly being replaced by the Julia of Evan and Reece’s world. Will they find a way to send Julia home before it’s too late? Or will Julia’s body and mind be trapped THERE?


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