Monday, March 18, 2013

Book Review: Blood Moon

                     Today's review is on Blood Moon by Holly Hunt

Blood Moon is a unique depiction of what could happen to Earth when the supernatural creatures are deemed to be dangerous. For the most part, these citizens live their lives as humans. They only become werewolves by the light of the full moon. That is, until the goddess Alsvinth was awakened.

Alsvinth wants to rule the world with her werewolf "children" at her side. She has no compassion for the human's, and sends her wolves out to slaughter them. She has the ability to bring the dead to life as well as take over your mind and body, and that's just what she does.

Olivia is the only one to stand against the goddess and protect Charlie and his mother. Even loosing her girlfriend in the process. But something goes wrong and Charlie becomes a werewolf himself. And while on the run from the goddess, Olivia, Charlie, and Angela; Charlie's mother, get arrested a few times by the police and captured by Alsvinth.

When Angela is murdered, Olivia and Charlie realize that the only way to stop the goddess is to imprison her until she turns to stone. The only way to do that is with the blood of the Harvest Moon Tree. But are Charlie and Olivia ready to face the harsh reality of what that means? And can they live with the outcome?

I did like the book, but felt that it was rushed. It left you hanging with unanswered questions after each chapter. Like why doesn't Olivia talk about her father to Charlie and his mother? Why doesn't Charlie or his mother question her more about her past? And a host of other questions. Also, do we really need all of the "newspaper" sections? I don't think so. Just a few would have been enough.

It is because of those missing answers and the feeling of the story being rushed that I can't bring myself to give anything greater than 3 stars for this first installment.

3 of 5 stars
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Upon a dark and blood-filled hour, humanity's doom will rise to power. Werewolves are real. They haunt the woods of North America, feeding on the bodies of humans stupid enough to blunder across their paths. Once rogue and uncoordinated, the rise of their goddess Alsvinth has brought them all together, with one goal: destroy as much of the species as necessary to enslave them within meat farms, to feed the werewolf army taking over the world. Olivia, a werewolf from western Canada, and her brother Charlie set out to kill the goddess and save humanity. But can the werewolf and human destroy the goddess's power, or will she prevail and turn the planet into a wasteland?


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