Monday, March 11, 2013

Book Review: Carved into Her Heart

           Today's review is on Carved into Her Heart by Bebe Balocca

Wow! T
his short story will not only have you craving for more pages, it will have you craving a little more "pleasurable" delights. Your eyes cannot help but keep you riveted in place while your other senses spring to life.

Jasmine is used to being alone. She has no siblings, no aunts, or uncles, and no cousins. When her adoptive parents had passed, they left her enough money to follow her dream.

As her dissertation project she travels to Scotland to find the elusive Invercreutch Castle. And when she finally finds it in the Argyll Forest she is beyond excited and delighted. Atop the castle there are three gargoyles. She finds them a bit threatening as well as a bit welcoming.

While snapping a few pictures of the fierce gargoyles, she drops her camera to the ground. There she finds the shattered forth gargoyle. Unable to reach her car before it's to late, she decides to just sleep there until the morning and then head back to it.

She's awakened from her slumber by movement around her. Two gorgeous men and a sensual woman surround her. At first she is frightened, but that all changes once they "get to know each other" in a most erotic manner.

I'm not lying when I tell you that I literally splashed some cold water on my face to cool off. If you want to get in the mood, I suggest you read this short 42 page story out loud with your partner. If he/she doesn't get as excited as you, I recommend a good therapist, lol ;)

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The gargoyles of Invercreutch Castle fascinate Jasmine with their grotesque beauty. When night falls, she learns that there’s more to them than meets the eye...

Jasmine has always been drawn to medieval castles, even though she was raised in the American Midwest. She’s thrilled when she comes upon Scotland’s fabled Invercreutch Castle, hidden deep in Argyll Forest. Three stone gargoyles atop the castle, in the shapes of a dog, a snake, and an eagle, are eerily lifelike. When darkness falls, the statues shift from their gargoyle forms into their human shapes. Jasmine is terrified at first, but quickly sees that only passionate pleasure awaits her at Invercreutch.

Through the long night that follows, Jasmine learns that her arrival is no accident. She also discovers that creatures of stone can be hot-blooded, hungry, and full of life. Persuaded by the seductive embraces of Feargus, Niall, and Maeve, Jasmine begins to sense her true place in the world. She remembers that she is an intergral part of the magickal history of Invercreutch.

Jasmine now has a choice to make-does her heart belong in the bright daylight world of today or in the timeless moonlight magick of Argyll Forest?

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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing my novella, Annette! I'm tickled that you liked it. It sure was fun to write, too. ;)