Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Review: Death of Innocence

                                         Today's review is on Death of Innocence by Kayden McLeod

Death of Innocence is the first book in McLeod's Foxworth Coven series and is packed with drams, lies, revenge, love, and of course vampires. What better subject matter to read about on of all days, Halloween. Though I found quite a bit of editing mistakes, the overall storyline was fantastic. The character's grab your heart from the beginning and make you fall in love with them.

Canya is a young woman living with her abusive parents dreaming of a better life with Thomas Scott whom she is secretly involved with. When she becomes pregnant however she finds herself poisoned by the very man she thought loved her. After Thomas has convinced Canya to drink the poison; which he says is some type of herbal medicine, she experiences terrible pain and begins to bleed. She realizes what he has done to her, but it is to late to save her and her unborn child.

Gregory Foxworth; who is a powerful vampire living among the humans, is out walking when he hears the desperate cries of a woman. When he rushes to her he uses his powers to heal her, but cannot do anything for the baby. Once healed she returns to her parents home only to be thrown out because of her so called "lies" about Thomas' love for her and her having been pregnant with his baby.

When Gregory comes upon her one day, he is shocked by her condition. The whole town has turned their back on her and have refused to help her. He then becomes her salvation. He takes her into his home and into his heart eventually falling completely head over heels in love with her. He is delighted when he finds that she feels the same way about him even after she finds out what he truly is.

What follows is a story about Antonio Foxworth. He is the adopted son of the Foxworths who seeks revenge against the very family that took him in. He systematically begins destroying the Foxworth's with murder, abduction, rape, and mind control.

An exciting story that will make you smile at some points, make you laugh at others, and eventually make you cry. If only it were better edited, this book would be exceptional. Perhaps the next book in the series, Natural Urges, will be.

4 of 5 stars


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