Thursday, May 2, 2013

Book Review: Darkness of Morning

       Today's review is on Darkness of Morning by Samantha Boyette

Darkness is the second installment in this series by Boyette, and though I did enjoy it, it took a little more time for me to really get into it. Like the first, it had quite a few editing and grammatical mistakes, but besides that, the meat of the story didn't kick in as quickly as I would have liked.

Kara and Dylan have been living in the human world and it has had an adverse reaction on Dylan. Slowly but surely she hasn't been herself and it's getting worse. When an old friend of Baron's shows up with news of Alster and the "King" Rinus, the hope for Dylan to return to normal is all she Kara needs to convince her to travel back to Inbetween. After all, Dylan's strange bahavior is probably just from living in the human world anyway right?

Once in Inbetween, the group finds Lockler and holds up at his hide out. There they learn of the fate's of their other friends following the attack. And though Dylan seems better at first, Kara notices that there is still something wrong but she just can't figure out what it is. She does however pick up on the jealously Dylan is exhibiting. Even though they are all on the same side, Dylan begins to pull farther and farther away from not only Kara but everyone else as well, and that will change everything.

For me, Kara, who is suppose to be the "protector", seems way to needy through at least half of the book. I expected her to have more of a spine, but maybe that's just me.

3 of 5 stars
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Picking up shortly after the events in Morning Rising, Darkness of Morning finds Kara and Dylan drawn back into the world of Inbetween in hopes of stopping Alster and the new King. Though they believe Alster is planning an assault on the Daylands, bringing Dylan over to his side is his true goal. As the girls and their friends plot to bring down Alster, Dylan's moods shift dangerously testing both her relationship with Kara and her commitment to saving the Daylands.


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