Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Book Review: May Day

                                                 Today's review is on May Day by Bebe Balocca

There are some authors that have a flair for horror, some a flair for the dramatic, and others a flair for romance, but there aren't that many that can heat the pages like Balocca. Now this isn't one of those full length, toe curling erotic novels. What it is is a great coffee-break book for you and your significant other to read to each other, and if doing so doesn't get your desire flowing, then I don't know what to tell you.

Marcy's husband had been dead for six months and she's finally gotten around to clearing out their country home. Truth be told, she didn't really spend much time there or with Rick over the past five years of their almost ten together, but his money did afford her certain luxuries. A nice car, nice jewelry, nice clothes, and social standing. 

Done packing up a bunch of her husband's things, Marcy decides to head out to the back yard to get a little sun and well, a little pleasure while she's at it. While pleasuring herself she spots someone in the yard next door enjoying the view he has of her and pleasuring himself as well. Feeling brazen, she turns herself so that he has an even better view of her center and continues with her ministrations. When he reaches the finish line, she quickly retreats back in to the house. She can't remember ever feeling so alive. Unfortunately that feeling of bliss doesn't remain.

Marcy meets up with her friend and her friends husband along with her blind date, Carter. He's good looking, rich, and obviously in to her. At least he's in to her cleavage. It's when he tries to make a move back at the house that totally turns her off. At least she can look forward to seeing that hunk working next door tomorrow.

Sam is so gentle when they make love the the next time they meet even though he could probably crush her. She can't help but to fall in love with him but he's all wrong. He's just a laborer, he's not rich, and he's young. He can't give her the life she's accustomed to. 

Carter's used to getting what he wants and isn't adverse to just taking it, including Marcy, and she is shocked to see him sitting in her house with a drink in his hand. He had remembered her security code and let himself in. She tries to call for help and tries to get away from him but it's no use. Marcy realizes that he's about to rape her.

Another great novella! I can't wait to finish Beds and Blazes, the next book on my list!

4.5 of 5 stars
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