Thursday, November 22, 2012

Book Review: Sororate

                Today's review is on Sororate by K.R. Smith

I fell in love with Smith's characters B and Declan when I read Scent, and I must say, the snarling, growling, and passion in Sororate will keep this reader as a long time fan.

These two main characters embark on many an adventure that many times lead to life or death battles. they fought with Werewolves in China, Voodoo Priests in New Orleans, Vampires in Scotland, and much much more.

Both B and Declan live many a long life, but Declan ages both physically as well as chronologically where as B does not age physically. It's difficult enough to witness the death of a loved one, but it is even harder when you are close to three centuries old. So when Declan is close to death, B must make the decision on whether or not to turn him into a Circulator and evolve.

I laughed and I cried while reading Sororate, so make sure you have some tissue near by because you are going to need it. I can hardly wait for book three!!

An excellent addition to my overflowing library.

5 of 5 stars
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Book Description:  via Amazon

'Sororate' is seen through the perspective of Bianca Sabre nee Wisetail, the Last Circulator and first female Lokoti Werewolf. She and her mate Declan Sabre continue on in their unusual marriage. Their supernatural lifespan bonds them closer together, as their human family die of old age, or their Circulator relations evolve to the space time continuum.

Declan dotes on his mate due to the fact that he too, is the last... of the European Werewolf. But in a Werewolf marriage, claws do come out with Lokoti Werewolf wife challenging her European Werewolf husband. These two love to fight as much as they love to make love. In between, the two also travel the world and through time.This results in meeting other paranormal beings, like Asian Werewolves, North American Werewolves, European Vampires, South American Vampires, Witches, Voodoo and even humans psychic'd up on Yaje.

With all of this meshing of supernatural elements, B and Declan still butt heads over a problem even human couples encounter... B can't conceive.Whereas he's relieved not to create anymore European Werewolves; she's sensitive over her medical condition. However, just as Circulators are ever-changing as is the universe, is her condition permanent?


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