Thursday, January 17, 2013

Book Review: One Rainy Summer

                                           Today's review is on One Rainy Summer by B. J. Robinson

I was feeling a little low the other day and decided I needed a little "pick-me-up" reading, so I looked through my Kindle, my iBooks and my TBR list.  While looking at everything one author's name stood out among the rest.  Suddenly I knew that exactly what I needed.  A little Robinson therapy.  No matter what the day may bring, there is just something about her books that not only lifts my spirits, they lift my very soul.

Robinson has a fantastic gift for readers.  She is able to take you out of yourself and place you into a world where you want to escape to, no matter what the circumstance.  In her imaginary world, you know you are never truly alone and that you are always loved.

One Rainy Summer is a fantastic story of love and new beginnings that spans three generations.  A young teen-aged girl in the throws of her first romance, a mother that has never known true love, and a grandmother who has given up on ever finding love again.  Drama? Yes, there is a lot of that, but there is also hope.  Hope that this family will forgive each other their transgressions and hope that they will all find the happiness that true love can bring.

4 of 5 stars
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 Book Description: via Amazon

A story of old and new love. Granny has a secret. Hope falls for the boy next door. Her grandmother rekindles a relationship her family didn't approve of years before. Hope finds an old picture of her Grandma clutched in the embrace of a man with icy blue eyes. Who is he? Hope scoots out the door and back to her own room, dashes to the window, and peeks outside. The moonlight reveals a funny sight. Her beach-ball granny climbs a ladder like the prince climbed Rapunzel’s hair. A man stands at the bottom and holds it. He gazes up at Hope's window, and she shivers and lets the curtain drop. Grandma is a grown woman. Why is she sneaking around with this mystery man? What's going on? Why is my honest, respectful, Bible-reading granny slipping out her bedroom window in the middle of the night like some teen?


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