Thursday, October 3, 2013

Book Review: Tempest's Fury

          Today's Review is on Tempest Reborn by Nicole Peeler

This sixth installment of Peeler's Jane True series was nothing but a disappointment. I usually expect a writers style to evolve and become better with each installment, but with Peeler it just didn't happen. Especially when it came to the sexual tension and dialog between Jane and Anyan. I understand that the series is YA so it has to be pretty PG, but it read more like Peeler was trying to amp it up. There IS some merit to the saying "Go big or go home".

In book 5 our hero Anyan was turned into the White King, leaving Jane devastated. She had just lost the love of her life and her lover. Yes, they finally did the horizontal dance. Finally! After a bit of grieving; where she is pretty much comatose, Jane vows to kill the White King and save him. Then they'll deal with Morrigan.

Speaking of Morrigan, her plan to turn the humans against the supernatural population backfires. Along with Jane's friends, the humans and the Alfar  join together and set out to defeat her. Of course many lives will be lost on all sides but, as always, there is a happy ending. Albeit a wimpy one.

I was a faithful follower of the Jane True series up until the fourth book, then my faith began to go down hill along with the series that ended with a big, wet, boring splat. I'm undecided if I'll read any other books by Peeler :/

3 of 5 stars
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Anyan may be trapped in an evil dragon and Blondie may be gone, but Jane knows one thing: she's not about to give up. She's ready to tear down heaven and earth to save her lover, despite those who believe he's lost.

Luckily for Jane, those who've given up on Anyan do not include those closest to her. Defying The Powers That Be, Jane and Company form their own crack squad of misfits, in whose hands the fate of the world may well rest.

With a little help from her friends, the Universe, and lots of snacks, Jane embarks on her greatest adventure yet, confident that with great sacrifice comes great reward. The question is, who will be that sacrifice?

Tempest Rising
Tracking the Tempest
Tempest's Legacy
Eye of the Tempest
Tempest's Fury
Tempest Reborn


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