Thursday, October 31, 2013

Book Review: Undead and Underwater

                                         Today's review is on Undead and Underwater by MaryJanice Davidson

It isn't very often that I keep reading a book that I'm not really interested in beyond about 25% of the way through, but I kept looking for Betsy. I mean, the book has the classic Undead and .... blurp. I guess I should have looked at the cover a bit more closely.

Before even reaching my favorite vampire couple, I had to read through a less than perfect story about a new character to MJD's writing world. Super Girl features the unlikely hero Karen Kilher who works as the HR administrator for Ramouette, a company that makes iron silhouettes for shooters. She's pretty much always late for work, often has to leave for some reason and come back later, many times has to leave work early, and can eat anything and yes, I mean ANYTHING.

Poor Karen really doesn't have much of a personal life, what with HRing and Heroing, but that all changes when Jamie Linus walks into her office to fill out the new hire paperwork. And that my dear friends is where the story begins it's downward dive. About 12 pages in. What follows is nothing short of transparent. You know exactly what's coming and what's going. But besides that, it's totally rushed. Where is the character development? Where is the danger? Where is the couple's dynamic?

None the less, I kept reading. "Finally", I thought to myself when I came to Betsy and Sinclair's names. "Now this book will become interesting." But alas, it didn't. It was another let down. Yes, I loved being reminded of my hometown; Boston Rocks!, but there wasn't the usual banter, sex, banter again between Betsy and Sinclair. In fact, there was hardly any Sinclair!! It was more about Fred the mermaid and some crazy guy set out to destroy all of the undersea Folk. Even Betsy had a minimal part and that wasn't even interesting.

I guess I was just being a glutton for punishment because I continued reading. I was already more than halfway through the book after reading the actual Undead and Underwater section by then. It couldn't get worse, could it?

Thankfully Incomer; the final novella in this terrible book, was enjoyable. The plot was a bit weak, as was the danger and love/romance/sex aspects, but I could see how it could have been developed into a full length book of it's own. Except where MJD tried to connect the three stories with Laura Wyndham; the new pack Alpha of the Wyndham pack, calling both Betsy and Fred. That was simply unnecessary and didn't really fit in with the story at all. I did however enjoy the connection Laura and Jack had. Where is my wolf mate when I need him? Yes baby, lets make a mess in the kitchen!

I'm not sure if I want to read any more of MJD's Undead books. The 10th installment didn't really impress me much. I'm debating on whether I should even read number 11, but it does talk about poor Marc’s death and how it changed her future. Yeah, I guess I'll give it one more chance.

I don't know if it's just me, the number of books I read and their quality, or the diminishing quality of MJD's books; and other authors I have loved. However you look at it, I'm just not comfortable giving Undead and Underwater much praise.

2 of 5 stars
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Undead and Underwater
Betsy, queen of the undead, and Fred, the dour could’ve-been-a-princess mermaid, reluctantly team up to help a mutual friend in trouble. After all, a friend in need is a friend who, well, can really test your patience—because Betsy and Fred aren’t exactly BFFs. What they do have in common is the source of the problem: a man. And what’s more troubling than love?

Super, Girl!
Meet Karen Kilher, human resources representative and round-the-clock superhero. Born with the ability to convert anything she eats into crime-fighting energy, Karen is now faced with her toughest challenge: the sexy new hire who has a mad crush on her. But how does Karen break the news that she’s more of a Wonder Woman than he can imagine? She’d better think of something fast, because letting this guy go would be a crime.

Crying Wolf
As leader of the Pack, it’s Lara Wyndham’s job to usher her breed to safety after the cataclysmic Kardashian Riots of 2025—and fend off the advances of Jack Gardner, a sexy Packer with alpha urges and a knack for getting into trouble. No matter how bad Lara wants it, she doesn’t need it. Not that intoxicating scent of his, or his talented mouth, or that perfect ass. Then again…


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