Monday, November 11, 2013

Book Review: The Curse of the Tiger

                                            Today's review is on The Curse of the Tiger by Bebe Balocca

Fan me down and hose me off! Balocca once again had me nudging my spouse for a little bump and grind action. With all of the erotic novellas I have read by Bebe I'm hungry for a full-length erotica novel.

Years ago, in northeastern Colorado, Faline Hopper's father opened Kat’s Crest, a tiger refuge facility.  After her father's death, Faline took over. The refuge hasn't been making money like it use to and now a tornado has left it in dire straits. Kat's Crest is about to close.

While sitting on her porch nursing her sorrows in Whisky she's caught off guard by the six-foot, well-built, and handsome stranger who interrupts her thoughts. As par for the course, the attraction between these two is strong enough to set the pages of the book on fire.

Hunter has been looking forward to working at Kat's Crest, and he doesn't even have to get paid! He is the son of a very successful businessman after all. But Hunter has a secret. He has been cursed by Abetzi, and every other night he turns into a tiger.

Love, sex, and magic aren’t all that's enjoyable in The Curse of the Tiger. There's actually a beautifully written plot making it a great addition to my library.

4 of 5 stars
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Book Description: via Amazon

She knew that being close to tigers was her destiny, but she never thought she'd be riding on top of one…

Faline Hopper owns and runs a free-range tiger refuge in northeastern Colorado. She loves the animals and the mission of Kat’s Crest, but the sanctuary is on the verge of financial disaster. A mysterious stranger with deep pockets comes to its rescue.

Hunter Cartwright is one tall, cool drink of Alabama water. Sparks fly immediately when he shows up at Faline’s door. He’s ravenous for the blond beauty, but there’s something he needs to make Faline understand before he can really sink his teeth into her.

Something that happens at sundown, when the tigers roam the sanctuary and the nightly hunts begin…

The curse of the tiger was cast by a Native American witch. Abetzi rejects the Great Spirit and worships a powerful demon instead. Faline is determined to free Hunter from the witch’s spell and to stop Abetzi from abusing exotic animals, but at what price?

Will Faline risk everything to put a halt to Abetzi’s cruelty—And will it be worth it?


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