Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Book Review: Matilda Fatzzo

                           Today's review is on Matilda Fatzzo: Plus Size Rockstar! by Madonna Giordano
Matilda Fatzzo's story, which is geared for the young, female reader, is one of motivation and self-acceptance.

Gone are the days where the average size of a woman is a perfect ten. Today's average size is 16 and it's rising. Even so, there are still thousands of men and women who are trying various diets or starving themselves to loose weight. (Not to mention suffering from Anorexia Nervosa.) That includes Matilda.

Poor Matilda, who is just eleven, is a "true Fatzzo." Yes, she is F-A-T. Even her doctor told her that if she continued eating like she has been, she could die from obesity. Her mom has tried helping Matilda by keeping her on a diet, but what she doesn't know is that Matilda has been sneaking junk food at school for the last five years.

Not wanting to live off of carrot sticks and turkey sandwiches without bread, Matilda sets out to find out how the skinny people stay skinny. The first thing she learns is that no diet will work if you don't stick to it and cheat. She also learns that a little motivation helps. So what's Matilda's motivation? A fantastic dress that her aunt B gave her.

With the help of her aunt B, and her week of suspension from school, Matilda not only finds the perfect Halloween costume, she learns how to eat healthy and loose weight! More importantly, Matilda learns that she can be a Diva no matter what size she is. Oh, and that awesome dress? It looks fantastic on her.

I think a lot of young girls would enjoy reading Matilda's story. I would even recommend it for children struggling with their weight. It just needs a bit more work. There are a few editing mistakes that need to be corrected.

3 of 5 stars
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Halloween is here and Matilda wants to fit in a fabulous costume that is sure to win her best dressed at her upcoming school dance. First, she must figure out a way to lose weight that doesn’t require giving up taste or CARBS! Matilda loves fashion and dreams of the day that she will finally be able to walk into a “regular store” and buy anything…especially skinny jeans! Matilda is a big kid with big hair and even bigger dreams. She introduces children to dieting in a fun way that keeps their interest and brings them along on a fabulous journey that includes a trip to LA, a red carpet event, a school Halloween dance and enough couture and pampering to satisfy the biggest of fashionistas. Don't forget to watch all Matilda has to offer in her very own book trailer at www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qk0jfCKrTY or just follow the link provided on this page.


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