Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Book Review: Dark Diary

                                        Today's review is on Dark Diary by Dawne Dominique

After reading Dominique's first book in this series; Eden's Hell, I just had to keep going. Now after reading this second installment, I'm glad I did. In Dark Diary we are introduced to Daniella Rolfe. She is one of The First, and the last of her kind. She is a born vampire, able to walk in the sun and feed just once a month.

Like Addison from Eden's Hell, Daniella has be living her life alone. Yes, she has had love in her life, but the differences between her and other "made" vampires was just to much. Now she lives off of one night stands; when she is in her blood cycle, and snacks in between on the killers, rapists, and all around scum of Winnipeg.

Even though there are magical wards surrounding her 180,000sqft penthouse from other vampires, it does not protect against regular old humans. Her penthouse home, along with other tenants of her building are robbed.

Though Aiden has been investigating a string of strange murders, he has been pulled from the case because he lost his temper and hit a perp. Because of this, he is sent to Daniella's building to investigate the B&E.

Once Daniella and Aiden see each other they can't seem to get the other off of their minds. They even dream of each other, and those are some serious X rated dreams.

When it is found that the men that have been murdered have all been past lovers of Daniella, and one of them had the detective's name etched into the skin, the case takes on new meaning. Aiden has been ordered to stay with Daniella to make sure she is safe, and that is one assignment he doesn't mind.

As days go by, the attraction that Daniella and Aiden feel for each other becomes to much and they both give in. There is no mistaking it, they are in love. Now both of them will do anything to protect the other. But can they stop the crazed vampire that has been watching them? Not before some of the humans they love are killed. And not before one of their own lives are about to end.

Excellently written with still a bit to many mistakes, but I still could not force myself to put this book down. I only hope that the next is just as good. I will be starting that one today :)

4 of 5 stars

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