Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Book Review: An Untimely Love

                      Today's review is on An Untimely Love by Tendai Huchu

Khalid Patel is a 20 year old Pakistani man who has left college in order to fight for the cause of Islam. He has never been more than an average man and is easily brainwashed into becoming a suicide bomber, a hero.

Initially thinking that he will be fighting face to face with the enemy, Khalid is surprised to be chosen to learn how to make bombs. With the enthusiasm of his comrades however, he is pulled further into the belief that what he is doing and will be doing is the right thing. He just didn't figure he would fall in love along the way.

Selina Ashraf is one of the three others that are chosen to be a suicide bomber on a series of trains. While on the journey to the train station, Selina and Khalid marry, knowing that they will never be together on Earth.

Reaching his destination, his love for Selina, along with a dose of human nature, Khalid does not set off his vest bomb as directed. He flees and runs to where his wife was to go and comes face to face with the realization that she has followed through with her mission.

Not is all lost however, Khalid later learns that Selina has survived. She is being held in a burn unit. With the help of his friends; Bishnu and David, he is able to be with her again. Tony has a different plan though and interferes.

After killing Khalid's parents; making Khalid one of the country's most wanted after also being identified as one of the suicide bombers, Tony kidnaps Selina.

Tony has a bigger plan in the workings and it's up to Khalid to set things right. Whether he is able to or not is the ultimate question.

I actually liked this book, though I would rather have had a bit more background on Khalid and Selina. The reader doesn't know much about either one of them or why and how they came to fall in love with each other. Since the title is An Untimely LOVE, there should be a little more on that part of the story. It is because of that, that I have rated the book as I have.

2.5 of 5 stars

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