Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book Review: Psyche's Search

Today's review is on Psyche's Search by Ann Gimpel

Psyche's Search is the second installment in Gimpel's Psyche's series. This continuing tale about Dr. Lara McInnis and her long-term boyfriend Trevor had me turning page after page into the burning dawn. Picking up right where Prophecy left off, Search had just as much drama, conflict, and surprises.

Thinking that her life will go back to some sort of normalcy after the threat from a vindictive client has come to an end, Lara goes back to work. Though she now knows that she is still in danger, she has agreed to close her private practice. Besides it not feeling the same without her long-time friend and receptionist Arabel, the fuel shortages and food shortages have created continuing riots. Feeding on the chaos, Gradosxt and his demon minions take action.

In an effort to get back at Lara, Officer Brad Dickey's daughter is kidnapped. Gradosxt's plan is to set a trap using Dickey and his daughter to capture her. He even goes as far as hexing a scarf and a photo that transports Lara to the DREAMING.

Danger is abound for Trevor as well, as he almost looses his life three; yes, three times in this installment. Luckily, he survives, but others are not as lucky.

As with Prophecy, the author continues to utilize her own knowledge of psychology; and more importantly Jungian psychology, to create a fantastic tale. Well thought out and expertly written, this is one of my favorite series.

4.5 of 5 stars


  1. I will admit I don't have the time like I use to to read-though there are times I stay up all night to read cause it's just not possible for me to live life without reading! I almost didn't come to your book review(frankly most book reviews are on books I don't like) but you like the same type as I do! I found you on Bloggers.com and I'm your newest follower! Oh I'm Natalie from http://bridgetsdaughter5.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks so much for hosting me and for your delightful and well-thought-out review of Psyche's Search. Watch for Psyche's Promise--last of the Transformation Series--this summer. I'll be signing up for another of Roxanne's tours as soon as it's available.