Thursday, September 13, 2012

Book Review: Blackstone & Brenwen

                                          Today's review is on Blackstone & Brenwen by: Andrew D Mellusco

What to add and what to take out of your manuscript have to be the hardest questions any new author must ask him/herself.  In the case of Blackstone & Brenwen there should have been more taken out.  Though the main story is both entertaining and exciting, there is just too much other "stuff" thrown into the mix, that I often heard my inner voice saying "blah, blah, blah" through the parts that, quite simply, just did not have to be there for anything but to take up pages.

Little Red Ridding Hood isn't so little anymore, but that doesn't mean her troubles with the Wolven population are over.  In fact, it is much worse now than when she witnessed her sweet grandmother & her parents get attacked.  She stands accused of murder, and she'll need the help of her childhood friend Elliot Blackstone to prove her innocence.

With the help of his new trainee Epona Brenwen, a Centaur,  his friend Vincent Traum, a Sandman, and a Fire-Nymph named Fury, Elliot; who is a Half-Angel, will uncover a conspiracy that will rock the very foundation of this fairytale world.

I did enjoy the primary story, as I said before, however, there were so many characters and so many tangents thrown in there, that it just seemed to go on and on.  What is a 354 page book could, in actuality, be 250 pages or less.  I have noticed that the second book in this series is already out there and available for purchase, unfortunately, I may not be one of those buyers.

3 of 5 stars
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