Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Book Review: Under Your Skin

                Today's review is on Under Your Skin by: J. R. Chartrand

Under Your Skin is Chartrand's debut into the world of fiction writing, and though I do not imagine it jumping to the top ten any time soon, as far as a debut goes, it's not entirely bad. Sure the plot is a bit weak, and the character development is lacking, but it reads quickly and offers some entertainment value.

Statenville, Idaho is like most every small town in America. Everyone knows everyone, the local paper has but a few employees, and there's next to nothing much happening.  But when three high school athletes turn up dead everything changes, and reporter Cal Murphy and photographer Kelly Mandoza are on the case.

Unknown to Cal and Kelly, their small town holds a big secret, and some are willing to do anything to protect it. Even kill. The more Cal and Kelly dig up, the bigger the conspiracy get. But finding the truth may cost the two too much. It's already cost them the life of their friend and boss Guy Thompson and two FBI agents. It could also quite possibly cost them their own lives as well.

I usually love a good mystery, but Under Your Skin gave away many of the answers to soon, which left nothing to the imagination. But not all writers can come up with a number one book on the first try. At the very least I'm hopeful that with his next book, Chartrand will grow in his writing ability.

An okay read that just needs a bit more work.

2 of 5 stars
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  1. Your review was really great and convinced me to pick this book up and read Blogging Profits Unleashed