Monday, September 24, 2012

Book Review: An Echo Through The Snow

     Today's review is on An Echo Through the Snow by Andrea Thalasinos

With all of the hype surrounding the release of this book, I was expecting to be carried away on a fantastic journey. Sadly this was not the case. Though there are parts of the book that I did enjoy, An Echo Through the Snow has some serious flaws.

First off, for a book of this size, I should have a firm understanding of the major players. However, as it's written, I don't get a real "feel" for the Chukchi people, let alone Jeaantaa or Tariem. In fact, I have more questions regarding their relationship than not. Questions that should have been answered by the end of the book.

And speaking of relationships, why even put in another dysfunctional "love" for Rosalie only to kill him off?? That relationship could have not only been developed better, but it could have resolved some issues for Rosalie.

I've never been to Siberia, so I want to see, smell, and feel it through the author's description of it. Unfortunately this didn't happen either.
A friend of mine once said that you have to "visualize what you are writing about. Close your eyes and think about what you smell. What you feel. What is going on around you?" Then open your eyes and write about it." This is something that perhaps the author needs to work on.

These are just but a fraction of reasons why An Echo Through the Snow didn't meet my expectations. I'm sure others may love it, for me it's just average.

3 of 5 stars
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