Thursday, February 21, 2013

Book Review: The Tangled Bridge

          Today's review is on The Tangled Bridge by Rhodi Hawk

Just as good as the first installment, The Tangle Bridge was difficult to put down and took me just one day to complete. And though there were a few editing misses, I continued to be as enthralled with the story as I was from the very first page of the first book.

Now that Zenon is in a coma you would think that the danger to Madeleine, Ethan, and the Lumens would decrease, but that is not the case. Zenon has been practicing and has become quite proficient at the Pigeon Games. In fact, he may even be good enough to thwart his great-grandmother Chloe.

Chole, on the other hand is still searching for Madeleine's nephew Cooper, and will do anything to get him. Even if that means hurting Madeleine.

The story continues to weave seamlessly between the past and the present, offering valuable insight to each of the LeBlanc family members while captivating the reader with the happenings of the briar and the river devils.

Amazing twists abound in this second installment. You never know what will happen when the briar is involved. Who will be the one saving you and who will be the one chasing after you?

I hope I won't have to wait very long for the third book!

4 of 5 stars
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 Book Description: via Amazon

Psychologist Madeleine LeBlanc is desperate to escape the madness that has followed her family for a century.  She’s struggling to adjust to her new-found power and to stick to the pact that protects her sanity. 

But an innocent little boy is being hunted—by Madeleine’s half brother and her great-grandmother, Chloe, and by the demons they control.  The boy is a threat to their bloodline, to their very nature, but Madeleine cannot let his young life be callously destroyed.

Thrust into an age-old battle of dark versus light, Madeleine dives deep into the history of her family and into the vast paranormal underworld of New Orleans, a world seemingly controlled by her great-grandmother.

The only way to stop Chloe lies past the tangled bridge that could lead to great power…or total destruction.


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