Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: Silver (Wicked Woods #3)

Today's review is on Silver (Wicked Woods #3) by:  Kailin Gow

This third installment in Kailin Gow's Wicked Woods series continues right where #2; Shimmer, left off.  With that said, the story line is fading fast.

Briony still can't make up her mind between the brooding vampire Fallon, and his hot furry brother Kevin.  By now you would think she would have made a choice, and it did seem that way when she accepted Kevin's promise ring, but true to form she really hadn't and gave the ring back.

Enter in a dragon, and a magical alternate world and who knows what will happen next.  
I'm not entirely sure where the author is going with the story at this point.  I would think that she could have wrapped up the series in this last book.

I actually liked the first one, and even the second; if only a little less.  I mean how long can you run this love triangle?  Is the author just making stuff up now to keep the series going?  I hate to say it, but impressed I am not.  Even young adults will know this book is lacking.

I can honestly only give this book 2 out of 5 stars. 


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