Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bewitching Authors Go Live!!

I have an exciting announcement- Bewitching Authors are going live!

Thanks to Shindig Events we are trying out a new tour feature- video chats.

That's right, several Bewitching authors are going to be doing live video chats in the next several weeks. Please mark the dates and times on your calendar and drop by to meet as many of the authors that you can. They would love to have your support and chat with all the bloggers, reviewers, and readers that have been taking part and following them on their tours. Each author will be offering a giveaway to one lucky person who attends their chat.

Here's a list of the authors, dates and times they'll be chatting.

Christopher Meeks  2/20/2012 8pm est Monday

Kasonndra Leigh          2/21/2012 7pm est Tuesday

Jeffe Kennedy          2/22/2012 8pm est Wednesday

Ami Blackwelder          2/23/2012 6pm est Thursday

JC Andrijeski                2/27/2012 830 pm est Monday

Kyani Swanigan          2/28/2012 2pm est Tuesday

Jenna Kay                  2/29/2012 7pm est Wednesday

J.E. Hopkins                  3/01/2012 3pm est Thursday

Nathan Squiers         3/05/2012 6pm est Monday

Amanda J. Greene  3/07/2012 1pm est Wednesday

SJ Clarke                 3/08/2012 6pm est Thursday

Avery Flynn                 3/11/2012 2pm est Sunday

Chris Karlsen         3/12/2012 6pm est Monday

Lisa Kessler                 3/14/2012 8pm est Wednesday

Bri Clark                 3/15/2012  6pm est Thursday


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