Sunday, February 12, 2012

Book Review: A Hint of Murder: The Anthology

                 Today's review is on A Hint of Murder: The Anthology by Lia Fairchild

This Anthology consists of three delightful, who done it, mysteries.  Each one keeping you engaged and wondering who the culprit really is.  Just when you think you know the answer, your wrong! 

The first in the series is The Writer
  Alicia Fairfield lives a lonely life.  The only people she has are her son; who is away at a mental institution, and her agent Edward.  Even with this solitary life, she has become quite famous due to her fabulous murder mystery books.  Now however it seems that someone is taking the books a little to seriously, and bodies begin turning up.  At each crime, a page from one of Alicia's novels is found with the victim. 
  Feeling somehow responsible, Alicia tries to cope as best as she can with a little help from her  pills and Edward.  With so many suspects, it's difficult for Detective John Lewis and his partner to nail down the perp. until the very end.

The second in the series is The Doctor
   Dr. Russell Morgan is an exceptionally handsome man and an excellent doctor, and he knows it.  Even though he does come off a bit arrogant, he really doesn't mean harm to anyone and even goes the extra mile to get the ultimate slacker of a nurse, Nicole to work harder.  When the body of one of his patients is found dead though all eyes turn to him as the possible killer.  After all, he was suspected of "playing God" with another patients life in the past.  He's not the only suspect however, and as other bodies turn up dead as well, the suspect list only grows.  Detective John Lewis and his partner have their work cut out for them.  Again the reader is surprised as to who the real killer is.

The final story in the series is The Bouncer
   Bobby Crane is standing behind the curtain waiting to perform for the first time.  He has waited so long for this chance to show that he actually has some singing talent.  Just as he is being announced however two police officers arrive.  There's been a murder in town and the police know he was at the vic's house that morning. 
   Allen Schaffer was found dead in his home.  The strangest part of that is not how he was found, but the state of the house itself.  It is completely white.  White walls, white furniture, white rug. The only color, the red of his blood on the carpet. But did Bobbie do it?  You'll have to read it to find out.  Any more info would spoil the surprise!

Nicely written with minimal mistakes in editing; which is a pet peeve of mine and more often than not decreases my rating, each story is bound to keep anyone guessing.  Now to long and not to short, the stories will entertain without keeping you up all hours of the night wondering who done it.

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3 of 5 stars


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