Friday, February 3, 2012

Book Review: The Mask

    Today's review is on The Mask by Ayna Winters

Every woman I know has some sort of a love/hate relationship with certain sweet foods, myself included. I love to eat all of it, but I hate the inevitable weight gain that comes along with it. And though I consider myself a decent baker, I am certain that I wouldn't hold a candle next to Eve Manor.

Eve Manor is the next "up and coming" pastry chef. With her ability to create the most decadent desserts, she had earned a gig at the Annual Masked Black & Lace Ball.

While she wishes she could be among the masked participants on the dance floor, Eve remains focused on her career.

So far everyone has nothing but excellent things to say about the delectable edibles, but they haven't tasted anything yet. Eve has been keeping the best dessert for last. That one dessert that will push her over the edge and solidify her success. All she needs is a favorable review in Sizzzle; the famous food magazine, and her boss and friend Josh has made it possible by inviting its Editor-In-Chief, Christian Grier.

When the big moment arises, Eve is shocked to find that the Editor-In-Chief is none other than Kris. The man that she has not only been providing desserts for at his club, but has also been dreaming of for a very long time. Ever since that first time in Ganach when he took command of the situation and pleasured her with just his hand.

What Eve doesn't know is that he has been dreaming of her as well, and has a plan to finally seduce her and make her his. And tonight he plans to do just that.

Not the most erotic short story I have ever read, but it's not that bad. While it didn't make my toes curl, the story in and of itself did bring a smile to my face.

3 of 5 stars

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