Thursday, February 9, 2012

Book Review: We Shall Rise

             Today's review is on We Shall Rise, the second book in J E Hopkins' Misfits of the Lore series.

Because of the number of requests I receive each month from authors and the wonderful choices the publishing companies send me, it is often difficult to get everyone on my growing list of books to read. It was the brief description of We Shall Rise that I received that made me choose this book even though I had not read the first in the series. As luck would have it, this second installment is a great stand alone book!

Apparent from the flash back moments, vampire Kaden Gaspard has lived a long and painful life; most of which was described in more detail in book one. In short, his father was quite abusive. He not only beat him, he even locked him up in the dungeon of their home. When he couldn't "break" his son that way he resorted to abusing his wife because Kaden loved her so very much.

Even though his father is now dead; at Kaden's hand, the pain has never really left him. He is still taunted by those memories, still pained by his inability to "save" his mother, and his own belief that he will be just like his father.

In all of his years he felt that he was destined to destroy all that he loved and all who loved him. After all, he was the child that kept his mother Olivia from her true mate. It was he that destroyed his relationship with his brother by taking the love of his life away from him and making her his own. It was also he who caused Helena to go mad and kill his beloved friend Maddie. But now he has found his own true mate. The stunningly, beautiful Reysa. A half-vampire who loves him deeply.

Reysa has made her home in Las Vegas in a huge home with her best friend Christian, their "adopted" daughter Tatiana and a host of other misfits. Those supernaturals who have been abandoned, or turned away by their respective clans. Dealing with Kaden's insecurities may just be to much for her though when all the pure bloods of the world are in danger.

The half-breeds are tired of being oppressed and are beginning to rise up against the pure bloods. Some even taking to kidnapping their own fellow half-breeds to experiment on them in their effort to find something that will kill the pure bloods. It's up to Kayden, Reysa and her family of misfits to step in and make sure this war doesn't happen. Will their love for each other survive though?

We Shall Rise was a really good book that should have gotten a four star review, however, there were just to many mistakes throughout the piece. Him's where it should have been her's, by when it should have been my, even using the wrong characters name once. For those reasons I have to take away one star.

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3 of 5 stars

**Note from Author:  A newer version was released shortly after I read this.  The errors I noted were corrected.  Amended star rating 4 of 5 stars.**


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