Friday, February 17, 2012

Book Review: Up A Dry Creek


                                                  Today's review is on Up A Dry Creek by Avery Flynn

I was able to read Up A Dry Creek in just one day. filled with murder, mystery, romance, and a plethora of twists and turn, I was unable to put it down for any length of time.

Claire Layton has always wanted to be a chef since she was a little girl, but when her inability to cook threatened that dream she decided to go to business school and become a restaurant owner instead. Who knew that one day at work could turn her world upside down.

Offering up the Full-Moon Special at Harvest Bistro, Claire notices a young, female patron texting on her phone. Nothing to unusual about that, until she takes the trash out to the dumpster at the end of the night. There she spots the same young, female with blood in her hair and obviously dead. Shortly after she is contacted by the killer. He wants the phone and flash drive the dead girl should have had on her but didn't. Now if she doesn't find it and give it to him, he will come after her and her family.

Jake Warrick is a private investigator who has been hired by the victim's father to also find the killer, the phone and flash drive. Intent to just do his job, he is surprised at the amount of attraction he feels towards Claire. And as the dangers to her increase so does his feelings.

The action is almost never ending as the two struggle to stay one step ahead of the bad guys and the sexual tension is so thick you want to take a big bite out of it. Even with the less than perfect editing.

Hot, Heavy, and Exciting, Up A Dry Creek is a welcome addition to anyone's library.

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4 of 5 stars

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