Friday, May 4, 2012

Book Review: Cornerstone Deep Echoes

        Today's review is on Cornerstone Deep Echoes by Charlene Wilson

Cornerstone Deep Echoes is the second installment in Wilson's Chronicles of Shilo Manor series, and was just as much a pleasure to read as the first. The timeless love story is brought to life in a new and creative way that pulls at your heartstrings and keeps you reading.

Now that Cole has Mianna back in his life, all should be perfect, but it is just not the case. It seems that there is still a great amount of Anna within her, and that is difficult for both of them to deal with. Add the fact that Lord Dressen is still intent on having Anna for himself, and will do anything to get her, and you have a great drama playing out.

With the help of the magical pearl, Dressen is able to see his past lives and regains powers he never knew he had. Now he is able to move things with his thoughts, influence others emotions, and control the elements.

Can the brothers come together and fight for what is right? Will true love prevail?

Echoes is great second book, but the copy I received had quite a bit of editing misses. If you enjoyed the first book; Cornerstone Deep, then you will definitely enjoy Echoes.

3.5 of 5 stars
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