Sunday, May 13, 2012

Book Review: The Falcon and His Desert Rose

    Today's review is on The Falcon and His Desert Rose by George R. Lasher

I have always had an affinity for all things Egyptian, and all things paranormal in nature. In The Falcon and His Desert Rose I was thrust into a world where I had both. Filled with love, hate, murder and vengeance, Lasher's futuristic world is believable and exciting.

Horace is a clone, and not just any clone. Horace is the clone of an ancient Egyptian god who was created to bring glory back to Egypt. His education has been controlled all of his life, and even now, though he is a student of Boston's MIT, the Holy Priests still keep a close eye on him.

Thomas Franklin is also a MIT student. And though he is in love with Jeanne Mosley he never makes a move. His best friend Horace however does. He wants Jeanne to be his queen and come back to Egypt with him. She however has one more year at MIT so she declines.

After graduation, Horace returns to Egypt where he continues his training and tries to perfect The Fluid of Life. With this liquid, he will be able to make men and women immortal, and they will become his army. This quest to make Egypt a superpower once again however, will pit Horace against the U.S., and ultimately his friend Thomas. (Especially when Jeanne goes missing.)

The Falcon and His Desert Rose is a fun and exciting book that I'm sure many will find entertaining.

3 of 5 stars
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