Friday, May 18, 2012

Book Review: Ember

                  Today's review is on Ember by Madison Daniel

It is so disheartening to read a book that could have so much potential, only to be thwarted by editing mistakes. Though a decent story, Ember has some serious errors to correct. Not only were commas missing in action in some spots, but some were present where they were not needed. But that is not the only problem. There were several instances where it's obvious that the writer needs to brush up on his synonym's and make sure he uses the right words.

Most importantly however is the POV of the writing itself. If the book is from the POV of Max, how can he know what is happening from Sam's POV, or Asia's? It doesn't make sense the way it is, and interrupts the flow of reading.

Max Valentine hasn't had the easiest life. He's lost his baby sister, his mother, and now his father, and blames himself for all of it. Now he has come to Hawaii to start over. With his guitar slung across his back he lands on Maui and moves in with his uncle.

The drama comes on full force when he saves the life of dog that was the victim of a hit and run. Then while practicing to control his power, he ends up saving the life of the beautiful local girl, Asia. Instantly he feels drawn to her, but is shocked by her retreating response.

The next morning he is picked up for school by the daughter of one of his uncles friends. Again he is instantly attracted to the angel he sees before him. Sam makes him smile and makes him feel safe.

Instead of feeling sad for Max's dilemma; having two beautiful girls wanting him, I found that I was actually angry at him for stringing them both along for so long. The fact that he actually had "relations" with one of them, and just about had "relations" with the other, only intensified my anger. Was this what the author wanted? I'm not sure.

Max ends up leaving everyone behind as he seemingly runs away from his problems. Is he leaving to find Asia, or to find himself? Will he be able to let go of the blame he carries for the death of Mia? Can he ever forgive himself?

There is a second book; Downpour, expected to follow Ember. Will I read it? More than likely, but I will be looking for better editing, better writing, and a better story line.

3 of 5 stars
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