Friday, April 19, 2013

Book Review: Ever After

              Today's review is on Ever After by Kim Harrison

I think that Kim Harrison is either trying to make me pull out all of my hair or give me vast amounts of greys. OMG! I opened this book at 9:30AM and did not put it down until I finished it at; of all things, midnight. I just could not stop.

The leak that Rachel accidently created in has gotten a lot bigger and the demon's are not happy about it. The Ever After is shrinking, and they give her just four days to fix it. But Ku'Sox Sha-Ku'ru is back, and he's up to no good. It's going to take Rachel, Al, and Trent to save not only the Ever After, but to also save their lives.

And while we are on the topic of my tow favorite characters. Why can't Rachel and Trent be together Kim? We all know they love each other. Let them be themselves and get their "Happily Ever After" with each other. I know I want them to.

Another Fangtastic installment of the Hollows series.

5 of 5 stars
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Book Description: via Amazon

The ever-after, the demonic realm that parallels our own, is shrinking, and if it disappears, so does all magic. It's up to witch-turned-daywalking-demon Rachel Morgan to fix the ever-after before the fragile balance between magic users and humans falls apart.
Of course, there's also the small fact that Rachel is the one who caused the ley line to rip in the first place, and her life is forfeit unless she can fix it. Not to mention the most powerful demon in the ever-after—the soul-eater Ku'Sox Sha-Ku'ru—has vowed to destroy her, and has kidnapped her friend and her goddaughter as leverage. If Rachel doesn't give herself up, they will die.
Forced by circumstance, Rachel teams up with elven tycoon Trent Kalamack—a partnership fraught with dangers of the heart as well as betrayal of the soul—to return to the ever-after and rescue those she loves. One world teeters on the brink of interspecies war, the other on the brink of its very demise—and it's up to Rachel to keep them both from being destroyed.

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