Monday, April 1, 2013

Book Review: A Matter of Honor

      Today's review is on A Matter of Honor by Ann Gimpel

Short and sweet with just a little heat, A Matter of Honor will captivate and delight you. This short coffee break read will leave you smiling and wishing for a man like Gerald to come into your life.

It's not easy being a witch, and Melis Andresen is one. A healer with magical powers, Melis is attacked by a mob, stabbed multiple times, and thrown into the river to die. With tremendous effort however, she is able to save herself and make it to the shore. But her powers are depleted from the struggle, and she needs rest.

Awakened from her slumber, Melis hears music and knows that there must be others like her out there. But before she comes upon the source of the music she meets Gerald. The magically powerful and handsome man that comes to her rescue.

This budding romance has to face a huge hurdle before they can truly be together. Gerald's wife Janica; who left him to become a vampire, is back to claim their daughter, and Gerald will do anything to stop that from happening.

All of the books I have read by Gimpel are full of gorgeous men, a bit of danger, and a lot of romance. A Matter of Honor is no exception. A fantastic short that I wish was a full book :)

4 of 5 stars
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Book Description: via Goodreads

Running for her life, a frantic witch finds the man of her dreams. But can she trust him not to betray her?

Hacked at with knives and tossed in the Danube, Melis Andresen's tormentors are certain she's dead. But for quick thinking, witchcraft and her training as a healer, she would have been. She's asleep in a bedraggled heap next to a small fire when a man walks out of the surrounding woods. Though she doesn't know it at the time, her life is about to change forever.


  1. Thanks for hosting my historical romance short story on your blog, Annette. And for the delightful review.

  2. Great review! I too love Ann Gimpel's paranormal romance stories.