Sunday, April 14, 2013

My First Published Poem Featured in April's Bewitching Booktours Magazine!!

Annette M Guerriero

Life is so difficult when each day is as the last.
The pain is too strong of days gone past.

When waking from sleep and you don’t want to live.
When you feel that you have nothing left to give.

It’s hard enough to drag your self up off of the bed,
When all you want is to just be dead.

And when the days are all sunny and warm,
While your emotions are nothing but an overwhelming storm.

That’s when you cry out, “take me, I’m done!”
When you feel that you really don’t have anyone.

Nobody understands or knows how to care.
Your heart seems so to be so empty and bare.

You put on a good front to all that you see,
While secretly you ask, “why don’t you see me?”

Loss and pain follow you wherever you go.
What to do next you truly don’t know.

Alcohol may work or even some pills,
But driving off of a cliff just gives me the chills.

Soon both of my children will be all grown and be gone,
When that happens I have no idea how I will go on.

I hope and I prey that each day will be better,
Knowing that it will always be the same now as is forever.

They say, “Life is to short,” to boldly live each and every day.
But how can you do that when your mind says nay?

Unwanted, unneeded, and feeling alone,
I constantly try to stand on my own.

Grim Reaper I’m calling. I wish you would heed,
And come to me and do what I need.

The days will still come, and no one would care,
Just like it is now. No one notices I’m here.

I’m fed up with the struggle, so tired of the pain.
I can no longer go on and live with this strain.

The truth be told, I no longer have fun,
Death come to me swiftly because I am Done.


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