Sunday, September 8, 2013

Book Review: The Devil Was An Angel

                                            Today's review is on The Devil Was an Angel by J.L. Murray

I have to say that I was really on the fence about this fourth installment of the Niki Slobodian series. I was just so saddened at the loss of Sam in book three that I didn't know if I wanted to find out what would happen next. As Mrs. Murry will attest, I basically begged and pleaded for her to bring him back and to let him and Niki find happiness. All I got back though was "you never know what might happen." So here I was, book in hand; or in my case Kindle in hand, full of anxiety and trepidation.

Finally I couldn't wait any longer. I picked up my Kindle, found a comfortable chair, and turned to page one. Within a few pages I then had to get up and grab the box of tissue. Yes, Murray had me in tears from the very beginning. Not only that though, she also had my attention and kept it to the very last page.

Sam is gone and Niki is now Death. She is no longer human. It's her job to see that the souls of the dead move on. Unable to reach Bobby and still grieving Sam, Niki is on the edge of loosing it. She feels lost and alone. But her job must go one. The pull to the spirits is just to strong. Especially the one that pulls her to a familiar hospital. The hospital where her Godmother Sofi is in. How much loss can one woman handle?

Seeking solace at The Deep Blue Sea, Niki pulls out the Murphy Bed that Sam had created for them and finally falls asleep where she dreams about Sam. But is it a dream? Yes and no. Because Sam gave a part of his soul to Niki he is always with her, that is until she lets him go. And because she is at The Deep Blue Sea; which is also a part of him, the connection is stronger.

As if grieving the loss of Sofi and Sam wasn't enough, Bobby Gage is missing, heinous murders are happening all over the world, and Lucifer comes calling. No wonder she felt like she was loosing it! Add the guilt Niki carries over Sam's death and the guilt she feels for falling in love with his brother.

Looking back, I realize that it was never really going to be Sam and Niki. If it were don't you think the titles would be different? After all, the don't say "Between Death and the Deep Blue Sea", "Death Was a Gentleman", "Before Death Knows You're Dead", or even "Death Was an Angel". It was always gong to be the king of Hell wasn't it?

Have no fear fans of this great series. There is still plenty of action, plenty of drama, and plenty of tears ahead for this series. I just hope my heart can handle it all. Keep your eyes pealed for Murray's fifth book in the Niki Slobodian saga, The Devil's Backbone (releasing 2014)

You have Niki for now Lucifer. You better take good care of her. You don't want to make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

5 of 5 stars
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"You're not human anymore, Niki. You're one of us now."

Niki Slobodian knows loss. She knows tragedy. But she has never known this kind of pain. After the war the Archangel Michael waged on her city, Niki is dealing with the loss of her loved ones. And the haunting suspicion that everything was her fault. As well as her new duty to help all the lost souls cross over.

But when Niki's only living friend, Bobby Gage, comes up missing, she has to take action. She enlists the help of Lucifer and together they learn that Bobby has been tracking Kane, the man who murdered his family, and who is now killing again, leaving a trail of mutilated corpses all across the globe. And with the power to disappear unnoticed, it seems an impossible feat to find him and stop him.

But Niki is familiar with the impossible. And she would do anything to help her only living friend. Anything.


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