Thursday, September 12, 2013

Book Review: Roman's Gold

                                     ****Not intended for those under the age of 18***

                                                    Today's review is on Roman's Gold by Ann Gimpel

What is there to say about Gimpel that I haven't already said? In each review I have written for her books I have praised her writing style, her fantastic writing voice, as well as her ability to change genre's between romance and erotic romance. And let's get serious, you all know I live vicariously through the characters in the not-so PG genre.

While some of Gimpel's books are a little low on the sex, Roman's Gold takes off at a run. It's, uh hum well, fast and hard right from page two. So much so that I posted the following on Facebook: "Reading Ann Gimpel's upcoming release, Roman's Gold. Only two chapters in and I need a willing partner!! Or at least a cold shower." In other words,  not only were Kate and Devon's juices flowing, but...well you get the idea.

Things around the country change a bit in the future. The human population will realizes that they live alongside shifters. Those who change from human to animals such as wolves, bears, mountain lions, and others. And as humans do now, those in the future fear what is different and decide that the only good world is one where shifters are no longer around. In an effort to eradicate these abominations, the government creates not only an elite team of law enforcement agents but a drug that gives these men heightened senses.

Devon Heartshorn, a half Paiute Indian, has always wanted to go to law school. Sadly though half Paiute wasn't enough for the Tribal Consortium to underwrite his education so he joined the San Bernardino County Sheriff's office. It all went down hill from there. He found out his wife was sleeping with other men, he was drowning in mortgage debt, and his dream of law school went up in smoke. He finally left San Bernardino, and took a job as a lieutenant with the City of Berkeley Police Department. A job that required him to take the new drug and hunt shifters. 

Kate; a sex surrogate, knew someone was following her but she played it cool. She was almost to her office.  Once there she hurried inside, locked the door, and gazed through the obscured glass. The man following her was literally tall, dark, and handsome. And hung like get the gist.

After seeing her, Devon can't get Kate off his mind. The thinks of her all day and dreams of her each night. He has to meet her, to talk to her, and to get to know her. After a staged first meeting; on his part, and later posing as a client, he makes his move. But with shifter blood in the mix you never know what will happen. Or should I say what animal will happen. Will Kate and Devon's passion be the end of them both, or will it be their salvation?

Roman's Gold is just book one in Gimpel's Underground Heat series. I'm sure there will be more danger, adventure, and sex in store for Kate and Devon. Maybe some kittens, I mean kids in their future.

5 of 5 stars
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Book Description: via Amazon

Travel into the future where a new law dooms shifters to life on the run, or worse. Most will be captured and sent to prison, many will die along the way, and the lucky few will find their way to the underground and the promise of safety. Ann Gimpel spins a sexy tale of danger, passion, and love in Book 1 of her new paranormal shifter series, Underground Heat.

Once respected members of society, shifters are running for their lives. In a futuristic world where resources are scarce, Kate uses her human form to work as a sex surrogate. Furious at what looks a lot like genocide for her people, she joins the shifter underground.

Devon’s been a cop for a long time. He has shifter blood, but not enough to change into anything; at least not until the police department insists on a series of infusions to make him better at tracking shifters so they can be imprisoned—or killed.

Devon’s latest assignment is Kate. From the moment he sees her, he can’t get her out of his mind. The line between hunter and hunted thins, blurs, and finally disappears. Kate and Devon defy the odds. Will their passion save them or doom them forever?


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