Monday, September 12, 2011

Book Review: The Hunt

Today's review is on The Hunt by C.J. Ellisson

The Hunt is the second book in Ellisson's The V V Inn series, and though it has less sex than the first book, it more than makes up for it in mystery and suspense.

Book two takes the reader through the actions and emotions of each character by letting them tell there side of the story, which for me was quite enjoyable. Writing in this manner brings the character's to life, and allows the reader to fall in love with them.

In The Hunt, Dria; aka Vivian, has agreed to host a hunt for her guests. They will be hunting a rogue vampire accused of killing humans, and bringing unwanted attention to the supernaturals. The rogue however, is not an easily captured and killed opponent, and questions arise as to weather she is truly guilty or if she is just a pawn in the conspiracy against Dria.

Though the books still need some work they have potential to reach for the stars.  I will be watching this series closely in the hopes of seeing the writer grow.

If I could offer my own two cents for the next installment, I would like to see Rafe accept what is going on with Jon and Dria with open arms. After all, isn't two on one way more fun? >.<

3 of 5 stars


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